Zionodes, the World’s Leading Marketplace for Bitcoin Mining

Bob Coiney

June 2, 2021

While cryptocurrency is undoubtedly thriving, its growth is still limited by high volatility and ever-increasing prices. Not everyone can afford to purchase cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, which is currently priced at around $37,000. So people turn towards mining cryptocurrencies as an alternative as it requires only a one-time investment and can endlessly mine the token.

However, setting up a mining farm by yourself is easier said than done as there are several intricate details that go into it. Not to mention, it is a non-viable option for people looking to use it as a secondary source of income. Well, platforms such as Zionodes come into the picture here. The platform integrates hardware sellers, data centers, and miners in a single marketplace to make the mining process more straightforward.

Zionodes uses smart contracts to let users purchase mining machines and set them up in existing farms. All the maintenance costs for the initial months are included in the price of smart contracts, giving users the perfect opportunity to use mining as a secondary source of income.

Farming Chia on Zionodes

Recently, Chia, a green alternative to Bitcoin, has been making rounds in the crypto ecosystem. Chia uses a Proof of Space and Proof of Time protocol that utilizes empty space on the hard drive to plot and farm tokens. Essentially Chia consumes less power and, as a result, has a smaller carbon footprint than Bitcoin. 

Zionodes recently announced farming services for Chia using a10PiB Chia eco-green power-saving super storage mining machine for VIP clients. Currently, the platform caters only to clients in Montreal but soon plans to expand its service globally. 

Apart from super storage service, Zionodes offer:

  • Fully Autonomous Mining Tier-3 Data Center
  • Hardware perpetual ownership
  • Top components with three years official warranty
  • Finish plotting 1PiB within one day
  • Dedicated IDC level customer support
  • Top-notch engineers 24/7 supervision
  • Customizable Hashpower Plans

This venture of Zionodes is backed by NASDAQ: TOP: US and is an excellent opportunity for miners to capitalize on this opportunity. As Chia is relatively new, early miners can make a massive profit by stacking the token before its price skyrockets.