Zionodes – How Bitcoin Miners Can Experience a Sublime DeFi Experience?

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Bob Coiney

January 29, 2021

Despite the current global pandemic, Bitcoin miners have dug their way through. The Bitcoin market is witnessing in what can be described as one of the best months in a long time. Things couldn’t have been any brighter for them. 

The network is seeing the best hash rates, and miners are reaching new levels of decentralization. If one looks around, they can see billions of dollars getting invested in the Bitcoin mining segment. 

The segment is looking bright with several phenomenal projects, like Zionodes. A post on yahoo finance highlighted just why Zionodes is one of the best in Bitcoin mining. The main principles that Zionodes works on are user control, DeFi, and optimum transparency. 

History, and little about the founders

Successful organizations are formed by like-minded individuals who want to serve others. Probably, that would be the best way to describe the founders of Zionodes. Matvii Sovoraksha and Olga Kochmar, who are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, began this platform. 

They wanted to show users the power and capabilities of decentralization on DeFi. Matvii Sovoraksha is a Creator of Thanos wallet for Tezos and Olga Kochmar, the founding member of Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

The central concept of this platform is to decentralize bitcoin mining using a tokenized ASICs platform. Bitcoin mining can be at risk due to powered centralization that happens from state-level coercion using vertical or horizontal integration. 

Zionodes gives bitcoin miners the ability to know what they are doing. Seldom users in this kind of a platform are aware of what is happening around them. This leads to unwanted problems and confusion. 

Users have their own pools, wallets, and earnings. Hence, nothing is kept hidden. Users get to own the equipment after a 1-year contract is over. Once the contract is over, they can request the machine to be delivered to the location. 

ASICs Tokenized Platform

New users might want to be brought to their knowledge that Bitcoin mining can be an expensive affair. That is because things can become extremely technical, and they need to use heavy infrastructure. 

With the help of the Zionodes tokenized platform, they bring a simpler, easier, cheaper, and flexible mode of getting into mining. It highlights the fact at the ease of which you can purchase a Bitcoin mining machine.

Users can get the Bitcoin mining machine such as the Antminer S15. However, they may want to keep an eye on the gas fees of the Ethereum network. Unlike other platforms, Zionodes recommends users stick on to their rewards instead of withdrawing them immediately. 

This enables them to make better profits. Anybody can make their print in the crypto market provided them are guided in the right manner. Zionodes presents the right pathway just to do that. 

Intense security provided on Zionodes

Besides, users can become part of the Zionodes community as the risks are diversified. The rewards are reinvested flexibly. 

A distinct feature noticed in Zionodes is the security provided. 

The platform uses a secure sockets layer and a 3-layer architecture of data processing. Remarkable security is provided from Zionodes, ensuring that all the information is safe. It comes with two-factor authentication and cryptographic protocol. 

They also enable a seamless payment process where it accepts all forms of cryptocurrency payments.