Zilliqa has been making waves in the crypto world by successfully implementing sharding as a scaling solution ahead of Ethereum. While other projects are still dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, Zilliqa is already establishing a stronghold. 

Surge of Interest

Zilliqa’s ZIL value rose higher in 2021, which can be attributed to some of the features that Zilliqa Ecosystem offers. One of the features that have an increased hype is Zilswap, a Decentralized Exchange. 

Zilswap is the main selling point of the Zilliqa Ecosystem as it pushes the ideology of decentralized finance and enables the users to trade using digital assets. Designed by Switcheo developers, Zillswap is an automated market maker identical to Uniswap in functionalities. Zilswap users can directly exchange ZIL and ZRC tokens from their wallets or add new tokens as market makers using a liquidity pool. 

Zilliqa Ecosystem

Zilliqa Ecosystem has a close working collaboration with Poly Network that enables Zilliqa Chain to transit through chains connecting Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum, and Binance. The ecosystem leverages these features on ZilSwap to link ZRC-2 assets ERC20/BEP20/NEP5 with Zilliqa. 

Zilliqa collaborated with XCADEMY in February to achieve a blockchain economy and helped content creators monetize their content through tokenization. XCADEMY, in turn, uses Zilliqa to establish a token economy with the help of content developers’ involvement in launching the Zilliqa blockchain. 

Zilliqa Network’s Latest Development 

Zilliqa recently collaborated with several prominent footballers and helped them gain entry into the world of Blockchain. This collaboration was accepted with great enthusiasm as Twitter flooded with tweets mentioning the trending hashtag #ZILForTheWin and #ZilliqaFootballStars. 

The company also announced Zilliqa Capital Pte. Ltd’s official launch. Zilliqa Capital will strategically invest in crypto assets such as utility token ZIL and other blockchain companies. The company’s main objective is to become a permanent capital and invest in decentralized and fintech solutions as an investor, asset manager, insurance provider, etc. 

This launch will bring more investors as Zilliqa is upping their game and providing more services using Zilliqa Pillar Protocol, expected to launch in June. 

Zilliqa is constantly adding more products to its already comprehensive list of services and helping blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem go mainstream.