This is certainly huge and good news!

Zilliqa is one of the leading high-throughput blockchain platforms designed to scale enviable speed in terms of transactions completed per second. It focuses on driving the blockchain industry forward by creating superlative technology infrastructure which will impact the world on a real-time basis and whose success can be measured. 

Recently Zilliqa gained much acclaim for its marketability and ability to picture different use-cases for their platform. Zilliqa is entering the popular sports of football with a project that has many footballers associated with it. Popular names like Pepe, James Rodriguez, Diego Costa, Rúben Dias, Pepe, Renato Sanches, Radamel Falcao have already been popping up on Twitter with great excitement surrounding the association with Zilliqa. The Twitter world was rife with videos of a few seconds in which they announce their entry into the world of Blockchain with Zilliqa with highly trending hashtags: #ZILForTheWin and #ZilliqaFootballStars.

At the moment not all strings have been opened to reveal the dynamics of the project but speculations are rife that it is an NFT project. Polaris Sports also find a mention in this much-talked-about project but there is still no clarity on the same. Polaris takes care of the image of some of the biggest footballers including Cristiano Ronaldo

Pepe who goes by the official Twitter handle @officialpepe was super excited in his tweets to be associated with this new revolution. His twitter contained the official video of all the football stars which  Zilliqa shared on its official handle and pinned it! Pepe tweeted:

“Taking on a new playing field soon in collaboration with super awesome blockchain Zilliqa – cannot wait! Follow me and @zilliqa and you’ll find out what the surprise is soon enough! #ZILForTheWin

The Crypto Twitter community is all excited to get more out of the project and expecting much clearer information about developments. While the wait is on, the news itself has proven to be a boon for the $ZIL token which was up 12% yesterday after the reveal. While it will not be a secret for long, Zilliqa is teasing the community and diverting all the attention to zestful crypto and football admirers. Zilliqa is cashing on the growing NFT market where it already has a leading role to play.

This latest update on Zilliqa is a fine example of how crypto blockchain and NFT organizations are outshining themselves and marketing by touching the right chords in the world of Football which itself has a fanatical fan following. Check out the video teaser by Zilliqa – Goosebumps confirmed!