wowTalkies receives funding from Tangentia Ventures for strategic expansion

Subh Rath

January 3, 2023

wowTalkies, the fan engagement platform for movie fans, has received enthusiastic backing from Tangentia Ventures. wowTalkies’ mission of connecting passionate cine-lovers and providing a space to share opinions has been well-received with Tangentia Ventures. The boutique VC firm has recognized wowTalkies’ potential to reach far more movie fans. This funding will allow wowTalkies to expand its operations and build an even more extensive network of movie fans worldwide. The members of wowTalkies can look forward to exceptional features and a comprehensive video library of diverse content soon!

Speaking on the development, wowTalkies CEO Ritesh Kant said,” wowTalkies’ endeavour is to be the fan engagement platform of choice, for movie fans, on Web3 whereby fans can become super fans on the platform. Strategic, intellectual and financial capital is imperative as fodder for us to build this proposition. Mr Kant added, “Tangentia Ventures has both an Indian and North American footprint. They have impacted investors in their investment portfolio and give us go-to-market reach, crypto and web3 nous, and access to calibrated future funding. We are super excited to partner with them and could not have announced this better than at the cusp of beginning the year 2023.”

wowTalkies offers a revolutionary platform for movie fans worldwide to get actively involved in building a digital economy of movie fan culture. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for users to be rewarded in exchange for their loyalty and to make the most of their creations or influence. At wowTalkies, we understand how much convenience matters to our users, which is why we are proud to offer all this through a user-friendly mobile application that runs right from your smartphone.

Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia Ventures, is excited about this investment and said, “With a brutal investing winter, especially for Web 3.0 startups, we at Tangentia Ventures have decided to go against the grain and decided to double down on our high-quality, high growth and big market size startups and wowTalkies checks off on all these points. With the initial focus on the booming Indian market, we are confident the stellar founding team at wowTalkies will be able to get to profitable growth and become a pillar of the Web 3.0 economy of the future in India and soon across the world. We see fan engagement platforms using Web 3.0 decentralized technologies becoming key to success in the movie and music industry but also for sports teams and even consumer brands.”

Tangentia Ventures is committed to recognizing disruptive technologies’ potential and offering a competitive edge. Tangentia acknowledges and praises avant-garde businesses like Wow Talkies as they work towards revolutionizing markets with advanced technology, strong business models and real value addition. This spirit of investing early on has prompted Tangentia to launch a concentrated effort to invest in Wow Talkies, which they believe is a high-growth startup with huge market potential. While understanding the unforeseen challenges of NFTs and crypto, Tangentia Ventures remains dedicated to investing in startups with unique offerings. The company has previously invested in ventures like Pumpkin Kart, Shoot Delivery, FOHO – fractional ownership Homes, workspace, and Specbee, to name a few.

Learn more about Tangentia Ventures here.

wowTalkies is a fan engagement platform for movie fans. With wowTalkies, fans can engage in communities, earn collectibles and become SUPER FANS on their journey! wowTalkies stands out among other fan engagement platforms as it provides cutting-edge AR, AI, and deep tech-led utilities on and with the collectibles earned. wowTalkies offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience that immerses fans in the world of movies with customized tools and activities. What’s more, celebrities, production houses, and artists can also join wowTalkies to help accelerate fans’ journeys toward super FANDOM by curating content, forming exclusive fan communities, and offering innovative NFTs. wowTalkies is revolutionizing entertainment experiences online

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