Why the Forward Token is the Gateway to Interact with the Forward Ecosystem

Bob Coiney

November 9, 2021

Despite the fact that data, knowledge, and general remedies to this information that has the potential to transform people’s lives on a variety of levels are freely available, more than a billion people still lack access to them. The lack of democratization in education is one factor for this. People are unable to access information available on the internet, which is why recurring challenges such as financial hardships, climate change, and energy issues, among others, continue to fester. A lack of or inadequate technology, as well as poorly trained professionals, could be the cause of poor information access.

Forward Protocol Changing Education

Forward Protocol is a platform that strives to make education more accessible to everybody. By incorporating blockchain technology into the mix, the platform intends to transform how the world learns by reimagining and reforming the present learning model. The goal is to provide an underlying architecture with a financial incentive, similar to the “earn as you learn” paradigm. This protocol can be used by organizations all around the world to connect learners from countries with poor educational systems to some of the top instructors in the world.

Forward Protocol is a blockchain-based solution for the Educational Technology (EdTech) industry. The platform is designed for any learning organization to be able to implement blockchain technology thanks to the protocol’s fully customizable smart contracts. This leads to Decentralized Education (DeEd), which opens up endless possibilities and is transforming the way people study around the world.

The $FORWARD Token

The Forward protocol is fully run by the $FORWARD token, which is the gateway to all activities on the platform. Learners, teachers, experts, freelancers, non-profits, and employers are among the users who benefit from the Forward Protocol. These Forward network players will communicate with one another via smart contracts, exchanging value in $FORWARD. When the value is transferred between numerous parties, the forward token is used as a medium of exchange.

All forms of interactions on the platform would involve the movement of the $FORWARD token. Users who use the $FORWARD token incentive system can earn rewards as they go through their studies on the system. This motivates them to finish the course. These token prizes can be exchanged for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies, and they can be used to purchase new courses and other platform services. 

Furthermore, to reward users, all smart contracts in Forward Protocol are configured to purchase $FORWARD tokens from the market. As a result, any integrated platform will purchase $FORWARD tokens to reward value transfer automatically. Regardless of whether the crypto market is bullish or bearish, this automated response will raise demand.

$FORWARD, the reward system

Users will be rewarded for participating in and contributing to the knowledge transfer process with $FORWARD. Participants with $FORWARD who use platforms that have integrated Forward Protocol, for example, are eligible for loyalty membership benefits. The users will be divided into levels based on how much $FORWARD they have.

Special savings on network fees and other promotions, such as early access to job postings, will be available at each level. It positions individuals favourably in applications and listings across job boards, course listings, and other platforms using a combination of reputation/history and platform loyalty.