What are Web3 browsers? A comparison of top players in decentralized browsing

Subh Rath

January 6, 2023

Are ads and pop-ups ruining your internet browsing experience? If yes, you’re in the right place. We’ll introduce you to the world of Web3 browsers, where you wouldn’t have to worry about ads again. Whether you want faster browsing or unlock extra layers of privacy, there’s something for everyone regarding Web3 browsers – so let’s get started! Let’s discuss what Web3 browsers are in detail and look closely at the top players leading decentralized browsing today.

What are Web3 browsers and what are their advantages?

Big Tech companies have had a stranglehold on the internet for years, controlling what we see and do online and exploiting our data for their gain. Web3 offers an alternative – a decentralized web that puts users back in control of the rules and their data. 

Rather than relying on corporate giants to dictate our online experience, web3 allows us to create a fairer, more open web where data privacy is no longer an issue and users rightfully hold ownership of their data. 

Web3 browsers make browsing this new revitalized digital landscape safer, faster and more secure by introducing features such as immutable ecosystems, increased transparency and bolstered security protocols – plus improved overall performance! Big Tech won’t be running the show forever: web3 is here for a better web experience.

A Web3 browser’s key advantages are:

  • An immutable environment means trusting that users will obtain the digital product exactly as the creator intended.
  • Increased transparency and security,
  • Improved browsing performance,
  • Complete user privacy and confidentiality
  • Connecting cryptocurrency wallets to multiple blockchains
  • Because of decentralization, you have complete control over the content

What are the different Web3 browsers available?

With the rising popularity of Web3, multiple players are in the market. These Web3-enabled browsers each offer a different set of features and security measures.

CarbonBravePuma BrowserOpera crypto
Speed (FLT)0.5 sec2.34 sec2.25 sec3.05 sec
Privacy Options· VPN + dVPN (free)
· Firewall
· ToR e2ee
· 3rd Party Networks
· VPN (paid)
NAVPN (free)
Ad BlockBlocks ALL ads and trackersBlocks most ads and trackersBlocks most ads and trackersBlocks most ads and trackers
Web3 supportENS Domains
ENS Domain
ENS Domains
ENS Domain
RewardsHigher Value $CSIX rewardsLow value $BAT rewardsOnly rewards content creatorsNA
Special FeaturesMulti-chain wallet with atomic swaps


Carbon Pro
Multi-chain walletNAMulti-chain wallet
Carbon browser vs others: A comparison

Of all the browsers, Carbon stands out for being a fast and secure browser with many special features. With Carbon, you can completely control your online presence with a multi-chain wallet, giving you the power to manage all of your online activity securely. 

Use web 3.0’s bridge function to connect web 2.0 and web 3.0 ecosystems, allowing for a smarter and more streamlined experience like never before! Get ready to get futuristic – web 3.0 is where it’s at.

Carbon aims to bring 500 million users to Web3 browsing with its fast performance, security, and privacy. It automatically blocks online ads and website trackers to provide a private and secure browsing experience. The browser seeks to solve the issues of decentralization, lack of privacy, and slow loading speeds.

Furthermore, users can earn crypto rewards while enjoying the unparalleled browsing experience.

Key benefits include

  • 100% privacy
  • Getting web 3.0 ready
  • 3x faster browsing
  • Superior Adblock
  • Crypto rewards

Carbon browser has taken the web3 and digital asset communities by storm. With over 5 million downloads on Android phones alone, the Carbon browser is a top choice for users looking for speed, security, and simplicity all in one package. Plus, Carbon gives users a bonus of earning rewards as they use it! Carbon’s native token $CSIX comes with numerous utilities and a multi-chain wallet integration – perfect for those who want to store their digital assets in one place. Carbon has it all: agility, storage, protection and rewards – what more could you ask for?