Crypto Twitter: Beef, Views and Gossip


January 10, 2018

Crypto Twitter: Beef, Views and Gossip

Ahhh the twitterverse. At times a wonderful and insightful tool for news, views and laughs. At others a heaving cesspool of villianous facechangers, Lannisters and warlocks from Qarth. Here at Crypto is Coming we like both aspects, but we especially enjoy the latter.

Each week (read: occassionally) we want to bring you, our lovely reader, the best beef, views and gossips of the crypto twitter universe. Why you ask? Because we don’t just watch game of Thrones for it’s beautiful setting, intriguing story and characters. We watch it for the red weddings, copious sex, blood, betrayal and…Jamie and Cersi Lannister. Admit it you want them to find peace and happi…..barf.

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Step inside the computer world. TRON!

TRON Movie_LogoIt wouldn’t be crypto or trading if there wasn’t any Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) invovled. And there are few things worse than ‘CEO of tokenX has sold all his tokenX. It’s a scam. I have links!’ type of FUD.

Take it away Reddit user “self.ethtrader“: ‘


i checked Justin Sun’s Wallets and was scared! The creator Wallet of the TronToken Contract send (for some tests?) a transaction to **uberLongLink** I think this is a side Wallet of Justin Sun.

After Tron appears in the Top 20 Justin Sun starts selling every day million of TRON at and in 200.000.000 steps.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Look at this pleb. This flea bottom flea tryna cause some trouble….Raise some beef…. Welcome to my table Sel.ethtrader, enjoy an ale! Crypto Tyrion LOVES a little FUD. It keeps the nobles and royals on their feet (Except Rob & co. Because they’re stupid and dead).

Listen crypto horde. I did a quick check on this google (I didn’t even click any links. Just read the excerpt)  and this seems like your usual FUD. Justin seems like a cool guy. Someone Crypto Tyrion could kick it with in a Kings Landing brothel. Share a bottle of Dornish red. Try the buffet. Come on Tron you have a wonderful whitepaper. Don’t let something like this bring ya down……..Bugger me with a bloody spear.


(TA for the day: If today’s candle closes like that it’s Three black ravens on the daily)

The Dadi of all ICO…..plagiarists?

Oh boy. Twitter fisticuffs are like a good old Bravoosi cock fight. Two cocks strutting their charts. Ready to point out failed calls, or silly catch phrases. But it’s even more intresting when both have massive followings and they get all passive aggressive, before the frothing. It’s so cute.

Sit, sit children. Let me tell you the story of a galant Hedge Knight named @Crypto_rand. It all started with a shill:

Pray tell, is that a ref link? And then the passive aggressive beef began:

And here comes the fact check police. Those bloody little sparrows. Take that metal link chain off. You look ridiculous!

Can CMC really do that?

And finally some commoner up in this shiiii saying ‘CMC just knowcked out 100 bil *INSERT Exploding head*’. Chill man. Those markets over the narrow sea, they were cray you see. Pumped up, some would say. But it’s all good, we be fine. Come to the brothel with Crypto Tyrion and kick up your heels. We accept BTC at the bar.

Look who’s at it again

Someone whom I think we will see here often, and who I should like to invite to a Pentoshi pale amber. Exit the markets? Expect your alts to dip? I got it…wait…Wait…..No. #invertedH&S  #bitcoin #dotheseworkhere?

Crypto term of the day:

#BTFD: Buy the fucking dip

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