Top 5 Women in Blockchain

Bob Coiney

March 9, 2020

The international women’s day every year is a clear reminder of how the woman folk of our world is ruling the roost in many industries and across several sectors. In Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology market, it has been found that women still have not been able to match up with men in terms of adoption volumes and value generation. The cryptocurrency market has generated huge earning opportunities and if women are not coming to terms with this, there is a huge opportunity cost involved. 

Despite all this, this day dedicated to women is the perfect time to talk about those women who have actually understood the technology and are doing pretty well too. We believe it is the right time to talk about these women who have made a difference in the cryptocurrency market. 

  1. Joyce Kim: She is a director at and is passionate about creating a quick tool for blockchain technology that will be used at a world level. She has spearheaded several important cryptocurrency projects for banks and governmental organizations and has also represented her opinions on crucial cryptocurrency projects. 
  2. Perianne Boring: She is the founder of the Digital Chamber of Commerce and has been vouching for more innovation in the industry. Coindesk has also named her in “top 10 most influential people in Blockchain” and “top woman in Bitcoin in 2015”.
  3. Amber Baldet: She is the executive director of the JP Morgan’s Blockchain center for excellence and has been championing the cause of open-source and digital privacy from the word go. She also found a mention in Coindesk’s “Most Influential in Blockchain in 2017”.
  4. Jinglang Wang: She is the executive director at two prestigious projects namely the blockchain educational network along with being the product manager for blockchain products at NASDAQ. She has started several campus initiatives that encourage the opening of several blockchain clubs to propagate the Blockchain culture.
  5. Jen Greyson: The CEO of Neureal Jennifer her move has been to empower women to understand this trade and become active engagers of the industry. 

Gradually with women setting her foothold in every sphere of the world, she also has to find a larger mention in this budding industry. Women’s contribution is a must for the industry to thrive and grow. 

Picture Credits – Image by Igor Link from Pixabay