Top 5 Telegram Crypto Bots

Telegram Crypto Bots Bitcoin

Bob Coiney

April 28, 2022

The advancement of blockchain technology is not limited to more investment and financial resources. The ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace and is creating infrastructure to support this growth. One of the new trends that have emerged in the crypto market is crypto bots that help users engage with different projects with ease. 

A crypto Telegram bot is essentially a software program that helps users interact with the API of a project. One of the popular types of crypto Telegram bot is a trading bot that interacts with users’ trading accounts to automate the process of placing buy and sell orders for the trader. There are several Telegram crypto bots in the market. Let’s take a look at the top 5. 

Telegram Crypto Bots to look out for

Here are the most used and innovative Telegram crypto bots in the market.

Crypto Trades Today

  • CTT provides Binance and BitMEX signals and educational content on trading.
  • There are over 6K subscribers with approximately 7+ crypto signals per week
  • CTT is a unique group with a large team of traders that offers professional signals to help traders.

Telegram – 


  • A new crypto utility chatbot with plans to integrate the major crypto exchanges and services.
  • Integrated custodial cloud wallet, staking, and yield farming rewards. 
  • AiravatBOT is currently on testnet and will offer integrations to all Indra Capital and major third-party DeFi products out there. 

Telegram – @AiravatTestnetBot 

4C trading

  • A trading bot that issues signals for BitMex. 
  • 4C trading has over 8K subscribers and sends 0-3 signals per day.
  • The bot uses a more macro-focused approach and is geared toward trading off news. 

Telegram – 

Yo Crypto

  • Yo Crypto is one of the largest trading bots with over 29K subscribers.
  • The trading bot issues 0-3 signals for BitMex per day. 
  • The trading bot aims to generate returns for its members consistently. 

Telegram – 


  • WhaleTank is another trading bot with a heavy focus on technical analysis and providing signals for Binance and BitMex.
  • The bot has over 21K subscribers and sends 0-3 signals per day.

Telegram – 

These are some of the top crypto Telegram bots in the market that you can subscribe to become familiar with the growing crypto industry.