Top 17 Hot Altcoin Events of December 2022

Subh Rath

December 13, 2022

Many fascinating and large-scale events dedicated to FinTech, artificial intelligence, Web3 — blockchain technology, NFT, etc., will delight the cryptocurrency community in December. 

This post has compiled the most current crypto happenings by the first half of December 2022. Keep Reading!

  1. Social media users are spreading rumors that Twitter might make its currency called “Twitter Coin,” which could be used to pay for things and give tips on the network. Fans found a hidden ” Coins ” section on “Tips” on Twitter.
  2. The United Kingdom is now ready to set rules for cryptocurrencies.
  3. Sam Bankman-Fried was called “one of the worst thieves in history” by the CEO of Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao after his FTX cryptocurrency exchange went bankrupt and left more than a million people out of pocket. “He’s also a master at using the media and influential people to get what he wants,” CZ said
  4. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has created new rules for companies that make financial disclosures in response to recent market turmoil. These rules require companies to give a complete record of their ties to the crypto industry.
  5. Users who don’t have a SIM card can still sign up for Telegram and log in with anonymous numbers powered by blockchain and available on the Fragment platform.
  6. Binance is talking about buying the cryptocurrency exchange Tokocrypto, based in Indonesia.
  7. Sam Bankman-Fried, who ran Alameda Research, gave secret help to the crypto media site “The Block” and its CEO. However, when the loans were made public, CEO Michael McCaffrey quit.
  8. Nexo will stop selling its Earn product in several states in the US.
  9. Federal prosecutors in the United States are investigating whether the founder of FTX, SBF, messed with the market.
  10. Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has said he is willing to talk to the House Financial Services Committee.
  11. OpenSea has announced that animated NFTs are coming out.
  12. After losing $94.7 million in the third quarter and letting go of employees in its digital assets section, GameStop said it would no longer focus on cryptocurrencies.
  13. Goldman Sachs plans to spend tens of millions to buy or invest in crypto firms. This is because the collapse of the FTX exchange caused prices to drop and investors to lose interest.
  14. ConsenSys clarified to address the growing concerns about user data privacy. Furthermore, the company plans to get sensitive user data and store it for seven days.
  15. Coinbase allowed users to choose the reliable stablecoin USDC and didn’t charge a fee to convert USDT to USDC.
  16. The company that makes stablecoins, Tether, has said that Tether Gold (XAU) and Euro Tether (EUR) will be available on the cryptocurrency market Huobi Global. Tether has put its Chinese Yuan (CNH), held outside of China, on the Tron blockchain.
  17. Genesis Creditor Groups have given out loans worth a total of $1.8 billion, which is still growing.

So which of the above news updates were you awaiting?