Top 15 upcoming ICOs (August 2018)



August 6, 2018

Another great infographic from @ico_analytics showcasing some of the highest rated upcoming ICOS based off reviewers data points. Check it out!

NEX, which is planning to build a DEX (decentralized exchange), a payment service and a wallet for the NEO ecosystem continues to lead the way with an average rating of 93. It has yet to be seen just how much of a foothold DEXs will have in the cryptocurrency space, but NEX is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

After that we see newcomers Marconi and Chromaway ranking quite high. Marconi comes in with 89 overall rating branding itself a blockchain protocol looking to solve issues with current Ethernet systems. Chromaway reaches an even higher rating of 90, attempting to build highly scalable blockchain protocol infrastructure. They launched their first enterprise database product, Postchain, recently and claim it is already being tested by customers.

While cryptocurrency prices are down across the board, it seems that money continues to pour into this sector at an accelerating rate. Institutional on-boarding  to crypto could be just around the corner with proposed ETFs and regulated Cryptocurrency exchanges potential coming by the Q4 of this year. It will be interesting to see the role that utility tokens have in the near future.

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