This Easy-to-Use Bidding Automation Tool on OpenSea is Becoming Viral in the NFT Market

Subh Rath

March 16, 2023

NFT Butler, a new bidding automation software, has emerged as a prominent participant in the NFT industry. This tool promises to provide customers with an advantage in OpenSea bulk bidding. 

This new and innovative tool is intended to assist users in obtaining their desired tokens by automating operations for collections and attributes, which can also be configured to bid on each NFT with a defined bid price and validity time.

NFT Butler, according to company statistics, is a 100% automated bidding bot that is always becoming faster and easier to operate. So even for beginners in the NFT market, it’s no longer complex to understand the process of self-bidding as long as you are listing your NFTs on OpenSea.  

Moreover, this tool has a speed of up to 7,000 bids per hour, which enables it to automatically outbids opponents in a limited time. In addition, its automated looping and dynamic filters add to its simple-to-use design for everyone, decreasing the need for manual user intervention. So users can create tasks and schedule them to run indefinitely, completely controlling their bids while automating the entire process.

As part of its advanced features, this NFT Butler includes a new search engine that gives users a more detailed view of a collection’s data and characteristics. Using this search engine, users can easily search for rarity scores, attributes, and various other criteria for free and bid on rare NFTs. 

One of the most substantial benefits of this bidding tool for buyers and sellers on OpenSea that has made it more popular is its free usage. When used correctly, the analytics and search functions enable filtering and collecting prices and volumes, which can substantially aid in the research process. 

Furthermore, the tasks are completely automated, with the ability to loop and outbid when done. Overall, the growing adoption and popularity prove that this tool is the most cost-effective and automated bidding solution that does not include an auto clicker.

Improved Speed and Better Support for Creators

NFT Butler reported during its AMA session on March 8 that it had undergone a considerable update to OpenSea’s Seaport 1.4 version, resulting in greater speed. Furthermore, PRO access is now available for serious NFT bidders, providing maximum bidding speeds, the option to perform up to 100 collection/trait bidding Tasks concurrently, and improved rapid counter-bidding. 

With this speedy tool, now basic subscription members have access to all of these capabilities but are asked to put NFTButler as a prefix in their OpenSea Username, thereby advertising the tool. This merely illustrates the ease and efficiency with which NFT producers can bid on OpenSea.

Another popular NFT bidding platform, Ommniverse, also uses a smart bidding approach to help creators easily put out their work. Its simple interface and auction-focused design for fractional NFTs allow you to set up a wallet, create an NFT collection, and then use Ommniverse’s creator tool to prepare your NFTs. Once your NFT is ready and up in the auction, it’s time to make money for your work. That is how simply the Ommniverse creator tool makes it for you to put up NFT artwork as a curator and earn from it. 

With such platforms automating their approach of bidding/auctioning NFTs like that of OpenSea, it’s certainly going to become easier for creators to use these platforms for bidding and auctioning their work. So you no longer have to understand the complex dynamics of turning art into ready-to-be-auctioned NFTs with these smart tools.

Want to bid with NFT butler’s automated tool? Find out more about it here