Thetan Arena Announces Beta Testing following Successful Alpha Testing

Bob Coiney

October 16, 2021

The demand for blockchain-based games has seen a sharp uptick in the last year. Bringing together blockchain and gaming was once a very novel idea but it has proven to be a success with projects launching consistently and the presence of blockchain and blockchain-based products like NFTs being normalized in the gaming industry. 

One of the latest of these is Thetan Arena, a blockchain-based MOBA game where players create teams and battle with each other for rewards. Following a successful alpha testing round, the team behind Thetan Arena has announced its new beta testing round.

Testing, Testing

While making the beta testing announcement on November 10th, the Thetan Arena team also spoke on the recently-concluded alpha testing round. When the alpha test was announced, it saw an immense consumer response, reaching the 1,000 player capacity within 10 minutes of opening. 

Following the alpha testing, no major bugs or issues were reported by the testers which is a testament to the quality of the game development & design. The team also ensured quality control with a maximum of 300 in-game CCUs to allow for proper monitoring. Eventually, the final number of Top MVPs was 636. 

Now, users have a chance to sign up for Thetan Arena’s beta testing sessions which, according to the team, allows them to “experience full flow from marketplace to in-game function.” The few issues found in alpha testing have been addressed and now, users can access a host of new features such as connecting their wallets, buying, and opening boxes, and buying and selling of heroes. 

It has been dubbed the ‘Open Beta’ and will be connected to the Thetan Arena marketplace through the testnet to enhance trading activities. The event will be held from the 16th to the 30th of October 2021 during which the new version will be live. 

In this version, the actual thetan boxes can be bought using either THC or THG tokens depending on the rarity of the box and users can also trade between THC and THG. for those playing as a team, the beta version has the option to make friends with other players and create parties to go on group adventures together. A hero filter has also been installed to allow users to find characters with more ease.

Voice chat is also now enabled to allow for easy communication between users and to aid the social aspect of the game. The UI/UX aspect of the game was also reviewed and improved upon during alpha testing and more reviews will take place during beta testing.

Once beta testing is concluded, more information can be gotten on the possible spaces for improvement in the game and all user data will be deleted afterward to protect their privacy.

The final version of Thetan Arena will eventually be released to the public after all testing is done and all improvements have been made.

The Blockchain Gaming Train

At this point, it seems there is no stopping the growth of blockchain within the gaming sector and the recent news of Thetan Arena’s testing success is proof of this. Not only did the alpha testing phase get filled up in mere minutes but the company has also announced a partnership with Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games is apparently looking to enter the MOBA gaming genre (that Thetan Arena operates in) and this partnership is a step in that direction. This is not the first time that the two are collaborating as YGG has previously invested in Thetan Arena’s token sale. This partnership will also see YGG offer scholarships to players to participate in Thetan Arena’s play-to-earn model once its NFT lending program goes live. 

With news like this becoming more commonplace, we can expect to see even more of blockchain in gaming moving forward.