These NFTs are the holy grail for investors and traders aiming for wealth creation

Subh Rath

November 29, 2022

It may not be all dark and gloomy this crypto winter after all. Despite the ongoing crypto bear market, Steady Stack NFTs are helping investors reap returns in more ways than one. These NFTs are assets in themselves, and if used right, they can be a goldmine of resources for traders and investors. Keep reading to know why they are a  rage in the crypto trading community.

What are Steady Stack NFTs?

Steady Stack NFTs are more than just a speculative investment. They are a means to connect the best investors, traders, and Venture Capitalists in Web3. Also, f you own one of these NFTs, you can access their proprietary algorithm trading technology. Thus, you can make better trades in the crypto markets. 

The team is working non-stop to develop additional features that will attach more real-world value to these NFTs. SS NFTs are less volatile than other cryptocurrencies in the bear market because of their true utility & constant innovation.

22x in 3 months!

The first generation of Steady Stack NFTs called the “Titans,” sold out in under 30 minutes back in August. These 2125 Titans minted at 0.08 ETH are now currently sitting at a 1.8 ETH floor on OpenSea, rising over 22x in an intense bear market.

How did they do this? To understand, let’s explore the robust foundations of real-world use upon which Steady Stack NFTs are built.

As mentioned, Steady Stack NFTs provide access to their unique algorithm trading technology. This can assist customers in getting better entry and exit prices while trading in crypto markets & traditional stock markets. Also, the project is launching multiple B2B and B2C solutions, with all community members able to participate through an affiliate program. Just to name a few more utilities + access that a Steady Stack Titan gets: 

  • Trading Masterclasses
  • Live Trading Training Sessions (multiple timeframes – stocks & crypto)
  • News Division (Steady Stack weekly & macro updates)
  • Research Division (daily/weekly crypto news)
  • Alpha Calling / Trade Signals & Alpha
  • Llamaverse NFT calls
  • Other Crypto & NFT callers (& more being added)
  • Stock & Options Swing Trades with 7 figure trader Beau
  • High Conviction Option signals with ShinobiSignals
  • Crypto Gaming Alpha & Weekly
  • Access to IPO/IGO/IDO allocations
  • AlphaSharks full tool 

… and believe it or not, we are still just scratching the surface. The value is undeniable. There is simply no better project in the whole space for generating a steady revenue stream & to up your investment game with the best people in web3. 

The Steady Stack team believes that NFTs will continue to rise in popularity and value over time, giving investors consistent returns and making the Titans more valuable. Due to their inherent utility, owners tend to hold on to the NFTs, which is why the SS floor has remained steady throughout this bear market. 

Creating wealth for owners

Steady Stack is a community of NFTs traders and investors looking to build generational wealth even in bear markets. The Steady Stack team provides the leadership and infrastructure for the community to thrive, with access to top traders in their niche, unique opportunities across markets, and much more. This is the beginning of one of the most robust communities in NFTs, and Steady Stack is set to become one of the most powerful forces in space.

Steady Stack NFTs might be the ideal model for how NFTs can survive and thrive despite an unfavourable market. Their focus on utility can be a game-changer for themselves and the NFT space.

More about Steady Stack NFTs

SteadyStack’s vision is to build a tech-driven brand and innovation leader in Web3. They aim to lead sustainable models in Web3 with robust revenue models and businesses. One of their primary goals is to solve the two most prominent problems in NFTs – utility and sustainable long-term cash flow. 

To realize this, they aim to create technology that drives utility and long-term sustainability. This means creating products and services that people need and want to use regularly while also finding ways to generate revenue that can support the business over the long term. By doing so, Steady Stack hopes to establish itself as one of the leading voices in the Web3 space.

If you want to become a Titan, get in before Phase 2, we’ve heard they are about to level up.  

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