260,000 plus trading volume within two days! INTO impresses with its social mining internal testing results!

Subh Rath

May 12, 2023

Lisbon, Portugal – Ever since INTO began its internal testing, its popularity has skyrocketed beyond all expectations. Within a mere two days, the trading volume on the blockchain has surpassed a staggering 260,000 transactions! On INTO’s launch day, May 9, it achieved an incredible milestone with over 170,000 transactions conducted on the chain. Even on May 10, the trading volume remained impressively high, reaching over 90,000 transactions.

INTO, a cutting-edge Web3 community operation management application, is dedicated to delivering top-notch services to users worldwide. Our primary focus is to cultivate a secure, censorship-resistant, and highly efficient social ecosystem. With INTO, users can effortlessly acquire digital asset rewards while indulging in captivating social interactions.

INTO’s social mining feature revolutionizes the traditional concept of mining by seamlessly integrating it with social interaction. This groundbreaking mining approach enables users to effortlessly earn token rewards while engaging socially. What sets this innovative mining method apart is that it eliminates the need for users to invest in costly mining equipment and promotes energy efficiency. As a result, it opens doors for a larger population to readily engage in the realm of cryptocurrency.

Based on its user journey, users simply need to claim the gas fee and easily link their main wallet with a single click after registering on the app. Once this is done, they can begin mining. Throughout the beta phase, users who invite friends and actively engage in social interactions on a daily basis will be rewarded generously.

INTO is poised to revolutionize the entire blockchain industry and pave the way for the future development of Web3 applications. This groundbreaking technology is set to usher in a new era of enlightenment and innovation.

Media Contact:

Name: Salman Olanrewaju

Email: chat@intoverse.co

Company: INTOverse