The timely end of Bitconnect


January 17, 2018


Remember that? That glorious, gutteral and ultimately delusional yell from Carlos Matos in NYC? Haven’t seen it yet? Oh boy check it out here before continuing. It’s hilarious. But it’s also signal to stay the f*&k away from events that employ motivational speakers with the goal of convincing you to buy something….Anything.

Bitconnect_CMC Image

For people unfamiliar Bitconnect was a platform where users could loan their bitconnect cryptocurrency  to the company in exchange for crazy people returns depending on how long the loan was for. The longer the loan, the more insane your payout. Something like 40% per month. There were countless youtube channels promoting the hell out of this thing, leading crypto noobs to their ultimate doom.

So you bought into a ponzi scheme

Because of this obvious intent to scam Bitconnect has been a stable whipping boy for the crypto twitterverse for some time. As the project unfolded and we learned more about it, it became very clear this was a ponzi scheme: something designed and developed for the sole perpose of enriching a few off the backs of others. Just look at this pyramid….Literally it’s a pyramid scheme. And people still bought into this shit!

Bitconnect Pyramid.png

Another mmportant indication Bitconnect was a scam: They only sell and buy it on their own “exchange”.  That doesn’t seem fishy to you? Sadly many people will have lost their investments, retirement, etc because of this. Another cautionary tale in the cryptocurrency world. And another hint that you should do your own research (DYOR).

Crypto Twitter feasts on the news

Twitter is also quick to beat the dead ponzi scheming bastards horse. Beat it to the deepest levels of the sevens hells. The place reserved for the likes of the Mad King Aerys, Tywin and eventually Cersei.

Bitconnect_twitter.pngall those people screamin for you to join bitconnect….RIP


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