The Road to India Dapp Fest 2019 – Meet Tezos

india dapp fest

Amrit Mirchandani

May 16, 2019

With a few weeks from Asia’s first ever Blockchain based distributed applications event – India Dapp Fest 2019, the organizers Blockchained India have lined up one of the most popular faces in the decentralized application fields –  Tezos.

Tezos, a platform developed especially for smart contracts and decentralized applications will be the last leg of meetups to the much awaited Blockchain event in Bangalore.

Tezos – Future Innovations Through Blockchain Governance

Tezos evolves by self amending and upgrading itself, with stakeholders voting on amendments to social consensus. It helps decentralized the aspect of a platform which supports the important smart contracts and a platform to build decentralized applications.

Tezos broke into eyes of Blockchain enthusiasts with the successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of $232 million, and successfully launching in September 2018.

With self amendments, the Blockchain is able to upgrade without the hassle of a hard fork, which can prove to be pretty notorious in nature given the history. The additional factor of on-chain governance leads to voting over a proposed amendment hence leading to a smooth Blockchain evolution.

What to Watch out For

The Tezos event is at NASSCOM Startup Warehouse in the heart of Digital India, Bangalore. It starts at 4.30 PM on the 18th of May, on Saturday. Akshay Agarwal, the County head and Co-Founder of Blockchained India will kickstart the meetup of an introduction what Blockchained India is all about. Don’t miss out on the next few talks from Tezo’s team members.  Amer Justice, the Senior Project Manager of Tezos Commons Foundation, will bring forth Tezos in a more understandable manner.

It is followed by an interesting use case of decentralizing insurance on Tezos by Bernd Oostrum, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tezsure. Tezsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace, which is powered through Artificial Intelligence and the Tezos Blockchain.

Don’t miss out on the panel discussion on the state of smart contracts and Blockchain which will be moderated by Akshay Agarwal, with the panel consisting of Gokul Alex, Bernd Oostrum and Sunil Aggarwal.

Check out more about Tezo’s first meetup in India in the official Facebook event page.

India Dapp Fest will be held at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore from the 11th to the 15th June 2019.