The Road to India Dapp Fest 2019 – Meet CyberVein

Amrit Mirchandani

May 3, 2019

With a month left for India’s most exciting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency event India Dapp Fest 2019, the Blockchained India team are organizing the last roadshow to highlight Blockchain ventures which are bound to make a difference. The first event showcased CyberVein and highlighted it’s uniqueness.

What is CyberVein?

CyberVein is a Chinese company which is making a difference by ‘Interconnecting the Data that runs the world.’ The Blockchain project with the help of Blockchained India helped people understand more about their company at the event held in Mumbai on the 30th of April.

With decentralisation becoming common, CyberVein aims to create a wider more universal network of decentralised databases.

Why CyberVein is Unique?

CyberVein is taking the idea of the internet a step further for databases. Thus helping information be traded, interconnected and transformed in an immutable manner.

A passage from the whitepaper highlights why CyberVein is a project that will help much-needed information be shared to groups that specially need it. An example given was ‘the genetic categorisation of species that occur on a specified achipelago.’

Just like Bitcoin transactions, information is made available but with the safety net of not being able to be changed, deleted or tampered with.

Opportunity to Explain to the Indian audience

Members of Cybervein explained through speeches and answered questions in a round table discussion about the decentralisation of databases to the interested Indian audience.

Tianyang (Jack) Ge better known as Jack spoke about the vision of CyberVein. He has co-founded several UK startups , with an honourary award for the best smart-home startup by HAX hardware accelerator in 2016.

The Co Founder and head of Business Development, Jerry Ning was present at the event. He is a qualified Mathematician and major in Statistics has used his insights as a data analyst for Expedia in broadening the decentralised database network of Cybervein.

What’s next?

Blockchained India’s vision is to help bridge the gap between Blockchain companies across the world with India ensuring the two ecosystems meet and create a friendlier Blockchain ecosystem as a result. India being the most populated democratic country in the world has several connections with Blockchain and it’s mission of giving the power back to the community!

More meetups and events are lined up in the final roadshow leading up the India Dapp Fest 2019 so stay tuned!

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