The Raven’s Dispatch – Nov 20, 2018 – Bitcoin and Crypto on the ropes

The Raven's Dispatch


November 20, 2018

Bitcoin on the ropes, fighting spirit broken?!

Anyone telling you how AWESOME 2018 is can go straight the f*#k back to whatever hole they crawled out of. 2018 has been the pits. But the amazing thing about being down is that we normally get up. And we all know BTC is the champ, and we know the champ ALWAYS has gas left in the tank. If humanity could survive the Spanish Flu epidemic of the 20th century, so too can Bitcoin survive this mild yet annoying 2018.

We are back from a brief hiatus and are totally ready to get you back into the crypto mix with news, price analysis and interesting articles from around the internet! (Read: I took a vacation and frankly preferred not to interact with the insane crypto posse <3).

The overall cryptocurrency market keeps punching us in the gut dropping from $211bln to $153bln representing a vertigo inducing 27% drop in the past seven days. The Bitcoin Cash shenanigans did not help.

livecoinwatch Top5 Nov 20

BITCOIN (BTC/USD): The strongest digital coin by market cap veered off from stability following the BCH fork meltdown which saw it lose 10%, breaking the $6000 support level. Throughout the week, the coin hit a high of $6434.21 and the low point of $5358.38.

Ripple (XRP/USD) overtook ETH in market capitalization: XRP moved to second place as Ethereum took a beating. On the top, this week the prices of XRP were at USD 0.525536 and towards the bottom, it quoted USD 0.430398. Ether prices took a beating and lost its long-standing second place to XRP.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD): The crypto everyone loves to hate. On November 14 BCH  split in two; BCH ABC and BCH SV. The fork led to a break of the recent stability, with most cryptos taking a 10% drop.

For a more detailed analysis check out our Weekly Cryptocurrency markets analysis here.


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Weekly Cryptocurrency markets analysis: November 11 to November 18 – Our weekly price analysis of crypto. This week was characterized by fundamental news of: The Bitcoin Cash Fork disagreement which brought the markets down and Ripple overtaking Ethereum to become the second top digital coin by market capitalization.

Japanese Insurer acquires 10% stake in African-based Bitcoin firm Bitpesa – Japanese based Sompo Holdings Inc. has partnered with Bitcoin remittance firm Bitpesa in a 570 Million Yen ($5 Million) deal. The partnership is aimed at increasing crypto-related fiat remittances between the U.K. and Kenya.

New York City Department of Financial services issues 14th BitLicense – What did I tell you about institutional investment. Foundations are being layed. The application had been filed by a subsidiary of NYDIG LLC- NYDIG Execution LLC. The latter company has been granted licensing for the operation of a virtual currency and money transmission service.

Voting With Blockchain – Pros and Cons – A lot has been said about using the blockchain to solve the worlds problem, but can it truly help when it comes to voting? Conor takes a closer look at the pros and cons of Voting With Blockchain.

The VanEck Bitcoin ETF – One day, Crypto is Coming, one day we will get an ETF! We’ve discussed the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF in the past and the doors such a tool could open (and close) for the crypto space. VanEck is an investment management firm headquartered in New York and founded in the mid-fifties. Will they be the first Bitcoin ETF?

Greece Supreme Court accused of blatant violation of accused’s rights – All Alexander Vinnik wanted to do was sell you crypto. Now he is the subject of an extradition battle between a few countries.


Headmaster Fired for Stealing School’s Electricity to Mine Crypto – Sneaky bastard. Can’t blame him though, can we? I mean being in the education sector is guaranteed to drive you into poverty.

A Crypto Apocalypse Wipes Out Over $20 Billion in 24 Hours – The year 2018 was the year of crypto……Said no one ever.

First Russian grain cargo traded using blockchain – The first physical trade of a wheat cargo in the Black Sea using blockchain technology was recorded on Monday in the latest step towards broader adoption of the digital ledger in agricultural trade.

Bloodbath Continues as Crypto Markets Collapse 33% in a Week Losing $70 Billion – Oh come on man!

[PSA] Non-genuine Trezor One devices spotted – Trezor has issued a warning of one-to-one copies of Trezor appearing on the market. This is clearly a fake. Don’t buy devices from unapproved resellers. Check for differences in packaging. Avoid steeply discounted Trezor wallets.

OKEx Pushes Back Against Manipulation Claims – OKEx will not let you smear it’s good name! Things are getting testy and OKEx is strarting to pushback. SAUCY!

Iran Close to Shifting Rial to Digital Currency Due to Sanctions – Iran is about to launch its Rial digital currency, which is being developed by the Informatics Services Corporation. According to the agency’s CEO, Seyyed Abotaleb Najafi, the coin will support Iran’s fiat.

Microsoft Releases Cloud-Based Azure Blockchain Development Kit – American software corporation Microsoft has released a serverless blockchain-powered Azure development kit, according to an announcement published Nov. 15.

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