The Pomp Effect – Who is Anthony Pompliano?

Bob Coiney

March 11, 2020

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is an American entrepreneur, investor, and U.S. Army veteran. He is, with Jason A. Williams, co-founder and Managing Partner at Full Tilt Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund and Morgan Creek Digital Assets. Pompliano is also a larger than life crypto personality on Twitter, podcasts and the crypto sphere in general. You could argue in the past few years there hasn’t been a better crypto evangelist. 

Pompliano has had a very diverse background from his early years even joining the army and being deployed in Iraqi for a year. He also earned recognition as a distinguished leader graduate of the Warrior leader course. 

In 2013 Pompliano founded an intelligence platform on social media called the Digaforce that would decipher unfiltered social media content and provide demographics data. In December of the same year, the company was acquired by Strategic Link Partners. Clearly he was doing something right.

The very next year he joined Facebook in order to increase page engagements. He was then employed for leading growth at Snapchat. Full Tilt capital was an early-stage venture capital fund that was formed in 2016 in which the partners invested in 22 deals in the first 3 months of the existence of the fund. The guy has seemingly done it all and has a wide knowledge base in the tech industry.  Which is why his opinion resonates with his followers. 

Pompliano, as many of you know, is also a crypto enthusiast and evangelist who saw immense value in bitcoin and blockchain technology at an early stage. He became an investor into the crypto space and also founded a regular podcast and has been very active on the crypto twitter space.

In his podcast ‘Off the Chain’ he has taken up many of the nuances related to crypto in a move to educate the audience and to inform them about new opportunities available for investment but also how the technology behind crypto is changing the world and fintech. With his experience and guests he seamlessly conveys how the digital asset revolution has impacted the lives of old and new investors. As a passionate crypto advocate, he is constantly working to ensure that the technology is used in the right manner and reducing the uncertainty that comes along with a new and fledgling technology.

In fact Off the Chain has grown so much and covers so many topics it has been re-branded as The Pomp Podcast. Well on ya Pomp. We highly recommend you check out the podcast for it’s dynamic and current event content but also for the invited guests who run the professional gamut. 

And if all that wasn’t enough under Pomp’s leadership Morgan Creek capital management has expanded it’s the value proposition in the digital asset sector with Bitwise asset management. In their partnership, they are aiming to provide their institutional clients with the requisite digital asset exposure. It aims to put forth the digital asset index fund that will securely track digital assets covering 75% of total market cap

If Pomp’s crypto chops weren’t enough he even went to the mat with Warren Buffet who claimed that Crypt had no value. Pompliano came out in strong support of the asset class saying that for Bitcoin and crypto advice Warren Buffet is not the right person to turn to. Buffet isn’t known for his tech investment chops. In fact we know he avoided investing in the early FANGs which in hindsight is a terrible blunder. Stick to what ya know, Warren. 

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Picture Credit – Cryptoslate