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August 12, 2022

The Omni-chain decentralised identity infrastructure has been making rapid progress in the past few months. In June, Hypersign conducted various launches and underwent major updates pertaining to its roadmap. July was all about setting the pace for the project and building the infrastructure to support Hypersign’s future plans. 

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening behind the scenes. 

Hypersign July Updates

 Here are major updates that Hypersign underwent in July. 

  • Core team re-grouping for Testnet launch
  • Significant product updates on Hypersign, Fyre & MetaAuth
  • Ecosystem map released
  • Partnerships, awareness & community initiatives

There have been several noteworthy achievements, such as;


Hypersign has been working on its product, and the community is growing tremendously.

  • Total participation 22,000
  • Total DID register 13,000
  • Total campaigns 20

The Hypersign network side is also working on reaching out to more and more validators and signing up partnerships. 


  • Fyre v5. 6.0 was released with custom branding
  • Improvement in Sybil resistance
  • Whitelabel solution ready
  • HID Node now has auto verifiable credentials status change past the expiration
  • Addition of chain namespace in DID
  • Multisig of DID controller
  • Research on Hyperledger Arise compatibility with HidNode


Hypersign has rented dedicated space t in Bengaluru for its headquarters and has gathered all the core developers in a single house for the next four months. The team at Hypersign is working around the clock, and there have been other major developments as well. 

  • Hypersign Hacker House has now become the hub for the core developers in the team as the project prepares for the Testnet launch.
  • Hypersign Network is undergoing updates, such as the implementation of Multisig concept of DID Controller, the addition of chain namespace in DID id and automatic update of Verifiable Credential Status when it’s past the expiration date. The team is also working on Hyperledger Aries compatibility with HidNODE. 
  • Fyre has also undergone changes such as the implementation of custom branding, stopping Sybil attacks on the scoring module, Whitelabel solution, and Google & Twitter ads in different geographies for more outreach. 

To learn more about what’s been going on with Hypersign, you can check out the latest Medium post. 

About Hypersign

Hypersign Is a Decentralised Network purpose-built for Self Sovereign Identity use cases and related applications. Its objective is to facilitate SSI adoption in the real world and help people take back control of their personal data.

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