The Deregulated NFT Economy On Blind Boxes: Feel The Beat

Bob Coiney

March 31, 2022

NFTs are touted as core technological interventions in recent times and have become popular in quite a short period. It has played a significant role in resolving the problem of double-spending by serving as the foundation for the Bitcoin blockchain. Subsequently, blockchain also served as the basis for creating NFTs or non-fungible tokens which introduced the traits of interoperability and scarcity. However, the rising volume of discussions around NFT projects, as well as the growing interest raises concern about the possible role of NFTs and blockchain in the metaverse.

The Next Generation: NFTify

Without fail, NFTs will most likely become the drivers of the economy ahead. Blind Boxes has been making excellent strides for over one year especially in the realm of partnerships.

With diverse strategic partnerships coming up in its space, it made a good move with Rapper Moneybagg Yo to Launch Genesis NFT Collection on Blind Boxes. This collaboration will see this Billboard chart-topping rapper released multiple collections totaling 10,000 NFTs on Blind Boxes and sayBLOWE marketplaces. The collection will include rare NFTs that are ‘smokable’ which means that they can be redeemed for Midnight Patek cannabis products in California. The NFTs in the collection will come with a variety of experiences, including the opportunity to meet the rapper for the more rare ones. The collection is being curated by, a hip-hop-focused NFT platform that has collaborated with Blind Boxes in the past.

Scale Up Your NFT Portfolio With Blind Boxes

Over the last month, Blind Boxes has been building intensity with the speed at which it is partnering with metaverse, entertainment, and gaming projects. Check out the diversity of the deals they have signed over the last 30 days to get a preview of what to anticipate on the platform in the near term.

One interesting deal Blind Boxes has announced was with the play-to-earn (P2E) platform XCodeInfinity. According to Xcode, the partnership is a great one because both identities share the same vision of making P2E games available to everyone. This collaboration benefits $BLES token holders by granting them super early access to NFTs from its rising play-to-earn project. Additionally, Blind Box teamed up with Enefti Tech to bring gamified metaverse NFT drops to Turkish audiences. With these, Blind Boxes and their CEO, Anita Angelica Moore are now featured on a massive Billboard at a major football arena in Adana Turkey.  

Going further, it also secured a partnership with Himo World, a match-3 deck building NFT strategic puzzle game that features Free-to-Play, Create-to-Earn & Compete-to-Earn, including Rogue-like PvE & exciting PvP with multi-tier Tournaments. This partnership will prospectively launch gamified NFT drops with Blind Boxes. Lastly, another feat in this regard is its partnership with sayBLOWE which is intended to bring Hip Hop fans a gamified drop by a Billboard-topping powerhouse artist. 

Furthermore, with the several feats written above, Blind Boxes’ Artist, Ivan Brens was featured at The New Art Center. This feature stands out as an amazing one as Brens understands the power of art to connect with audiences on a visceral level. His paintings often emphasize distortion as a metaphor for the modern struggle for survival, between the inner and outer world.

P2E Gaming and Metaverse Partnerships

Lastly, Blind Boxes recently partnered with play-to-earn platform xcodeinfinity. For BLES stakeholders, this partnership provides early access to the game and purchasable assets from this hype-worthy NFT project. 

Set The Strongest Foot Forward 

Blind Boxes has kept its pool open with NFTs, as well as its associated trading histories from a wide variety of sources. These values are displayed to buyers and sellers to encourage balanced pricing practices. By unifying these values on one platform, Blind Boxes will assuredly keep and maintain its healthy robust ecosystem as it sets its strongest foot forward.