The Crypto Roadshow is all set to fire the Crypto trade in India


Bob Coiney

March 13, 2020

Crypto is legal in India. Much as this sounds music in the ears of crypto stakeholders, RBI is still not leaving any stone unturned to ensure it reverses the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the ban. RBI which is the central authority of all financial transactions in India wanted to keep a check on the rapidly increasing market for cryptos in India. Two years ago, there was no law restricting the use and exchange of Crypto, yet the vigilant regulatory body wanted to ensure it does not crash the markets. 

There was much hue and cry about the ill-effects of dealing with crypto. There was a lot of misinformation that scared people and led to a huge loss in terms of favorable players leaving the market. It also has led to several exits from genuine crypto projects. The potential Crypto market in India is estimated to be around $12.9 billion according to Crebaco Global Inc. The prospects look really bright according to the credit rating audit firm if the market is well-regulated. 

With things looking brighter the Indian Crypto Bulls, The roadshow ‘20 is a non-profit initiative that will educate users about the blockchain technology so that Indians are well-versed with it. Between the confusion, the government is facing over the introduction of a crypto bill in the parliament, Binance and OKEx have stamped their presence in the Indian market through acquisitions and partnerships. London-based Cashaa, Kumar Gaurav and Gaurav Dubey  have made an announcement to organize this roadshow.

The roadshow which starts from the above-mentioned dates will begin from the national capital, New Delhi will lead its way to Jaipur, Mumbai, Surat, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore covering a total distance of 5000 plus km making it the biggest Crypto awareness movement in the whole world. 

Several crypto projects and influencers who will be selected by public voting in the roadshow will be representatives from India who will speak at the NewYork organized Consensus 2020. Companies representing major countries of the world will be participants in this 20-day roadshow to ensure that the message about Crypto is clear!

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