The City of Zion is Launching its GOLDPASS NFT Collection For Mint

Subh Rath

November 12, 2022

On November 13th, 6pm UTC, the City of Zion will mint its first mini collection of GOLDPASS NFTs. The City of Zion has announced that the GOLDPASS collection will be minted on XOXNO, the all-in-one Elrond NFT Marketplace. 

City of Zion GOLDPASS NFTs are highly sought after as only 777 GOLDPASSes exist. Distribution to OGs and Goldlisted members will account for 333 GOLDPASSes, with the remaining 444 being made available via minting. The greatest benefit of a GOLDPASS is that it guarantees early access to the SOULZ collection mint and at a discounted price! 

If any member of the community mints 5X GOLDPASSes, they will receive 1X SOULZ free. If that person is a Zion OG/Drakuza, then they get 1X free SOULZ for every 3X GOLDPASSes they mint! Every GOLDPASS minted is 1X raffle ticket in the draw to win one of 5X Zion Spot Prizes!

Not to mention, ANYONE who mints 10X GOLDPASSes, will get to work with the lead artist Faith to help design one of their free SOULZ NFTs!

And still there’s more utility! The GOLDPASSes are VIP-whitelist-equivalents. GOLDPASSes will have staking benefits upon completion of $ZEAL Token, exclusive alpha channels, Brand discounts and COMMUNITY. As the City of Zion Brand grows, there will be more benefits added to GOLDPASS holders, making them even more valuable with only a tight supply.

Each wallet can mint a maximum of 10X GOLDPASSes, and each transaction is limited to 5X GOLDPASSes at a time.. 

The mint price for each GOLDPASS is 1 EGLD

Get Your Hands on The GOLDPASS NFT:

If you want to get a GOLDPASS NFT, the following approaches can help you:

  • You will need to download the official Maiar wallet and connect this to XOXNO when minting.
  • You will need to obtain 1 EGLD for every 1 GOLDPASS you wish to publicly mint.
  • You may also want to compete for the Goldlist or OG/Drakuza role (who get reserved GOLDPASSes) within the project’s Discord group. To be eligible, simply be active in the general chat and on socials like Twitter. Also upvote the City of Zion on the EGLD community website

City of Zion: A Brief Overview

The City of Zion manifests as a collection of spiritual warriors in the form of 7777 SOULZ that embody the @ZionMetaverse’s vision for Web3 dominance.

It was recently revealed that SOULZ NFTs themselves will also be minted and traded on the XOXNO Marketplace. Immediately after mint, the number of people taking The Golden Path to The Holy City of Zion is expected to skyrocket!

The Zion Brand bridges all of Web3-Web2-Web1 together and integrates Streetwear with NFTs, Anime, and Gaming. The City of Zion aspires to provide a one-of-a-kind environment for people to express themselves and show off their passion for tech and anime by fusing physical fashion with virtual life.

Elrond Network is the foundation of this project. It is a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain platform for decentralized applications, enterprise use cases, and the emerging internet economy. The City Of Zion has amassed a considerable online following on Twitter, with over 15,000 people following its updates. Not to mention they are currently trending top 5 on Lunar Crush’s official website for the most influential project/person on the Elrond network. The City of Zion is just getting started.