Ten Years Ago, Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin’s Inventor Logged Off Today

Bob Coiney

December 16, 2020

Satoshi Nakamoto, who was considered as the inventor of Bitcoin, logged out today for good, more than ten years ago. 

A news post on Bitcoin News claimed that a pseudonymous programmer or group of programmers who took the name Satoshi Nakamoto logged out for the last time. The individual who took the name logged into bitcointalk.org, a Bitcoin forum, announced that he/she was leaving for good. 

One day before logging into the Bitcoin community, Nakamoto has written a final message to them, providing some advice to the other developers and like-minded forum users. Nakamoto said that there is plenty of work to be done on denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.

Idelto that is a Bitcoin news publisher, had this tweet on the news. 

Ten years ago, the term Bitcoin was in its baby stage, and not many people in the world even had a small idea of what they were dealing with. Hence, the inventor of Bitcoin was always a mystery. 

But the inventor was always there to lead the way to interested parties from 2008 to 2010. Nakamoto also added that he has some DoS limits and removed the safe mode. This message was written by Nakamoto on December 12th, 2010, which is more than a decade. 

Nakamoto also said that users want to run with the ‘disablesafemode’, but he felt that it is much better not to use it for appearance. That is because it was not a feature to be used long term. Safe mode can trigger looking at the total PoW invalid blockchain.

Surprisingly the username Nakamoto was extremely active on the forum and answered all queries for users during the initial weeks of December 2010. Those days, white Bitcoin or BTC was running for $0.20 per coin. 

Nakamoto had left a cryptic message saying that Bitcoin has other qualities that they can focus on. It was in response to an article on Wikileaks in pcworld.com titled, “could the Wikileaks scandal lead a new virtual currency?” However, some people felt that Wikileaks was paying close attention to Bitcoins that may have upset him. 

Why Nakamoto left abruptly is going to be never known to anybody.