The Tourism Based Blockchain industry is Buzzing!

Blockchain has taken over several industries to optimize their underlying architecture and create faster and more rewarding opportunities for the users. One of the areas in desperate need of attention is the tourism industry that suffered heavily because of outdated technology and intermediaries that charged hefty fees to connect consumers with service providers. 

Bali Social Integrated has emerged as a true winner as a blockchain-based tourism platform. The platform aims to completely revolutionize the global tourism industry and create a more rewarding opportunity for travelers and local service providers. We have been closely following the development of this project as it shows immense potential and has taken all the proper steps. 

Here are a few quick notes to get you updated about what Bali Social Integrated has been up to. 

Listing on HotBit

$BSI token’s listing on Hotbit was a significant milestone for Bali Social Integrated and its community. Here are the details of HotBit listing of $BSI token,

Listing Date: September 3rd, 2021

Start of Deposit: September 3rd, 08:00 AM UTC

Start of Trading: September 3rd, 10:00 AM UTC

Initial Trading Pairs: $BSI / $USDT

Listing on Coinsbit

After the listing on Hotbit, Bali Social Integrated shows no plans of slowing down and is ready for another listing on Coinsbit, a reputed crypto exchange. Here are the details for the listing, 

Listing Date: September 10th, 2021

Start of Deposit: September 10th, 19.00 GMT +7

Start of Trading: September 10th, 21.00 GMT +7

Initial Trading Pairs:  BSI/USDT

$BSI Airdrop

Apart from that, Bali Social Integrated is also hosting a Gleam Campaign where the winners will receive $200 worth of $BSI tokens. Anyone can enter the competition by registering on the below link and become one of eight winners to become one of the firsts to get their hands on free $BSI tokens. 

Link to participate:

Competition Closes: September 19th, 23:59 UTC

Total Winners: 8

Total Prize: $200 Worth $BSI tokens

$BSI token plays a crucial role in the Bali Social Integrated ecosystem as it partners with Viaje, the business line of Bali Social Integrated to allow travelers to use the token easily without any hidden transaction fee across the affiliated network of stores using Viaje Pay. 

Here is a chance to get your hands on the disruptive $BSI token and become a part of the active BSI community. 

Talk of the Town – $BSI Token

Bali Social Integrated has become a name synonymous with blockchain-powered tourism. While an ever-growing sector, the global tourism industry is still facing roadblocks due to outdated technologies and incompetent intermediaries. Bali Social Integrated removes all the inefficiencies one by one and creates a rewarding, enjoyable, and seamless travel experience for global travelers. 

Bali Social Integrated is a pioneer blockchain project that has been seeing a lot of traction because of its ability to optimize the traveling experience and reduce transactional and operational costs to a bare minimum. The company already has several accomplishments to its name, such as going live on DEXTool and an AMA with D’VA, EPID, and BasedroomClub.

$BSI Token

Using its utility token, $ BSI, the company has built a service ecosystem based on an incentivized and tamper-resistant approach using its utility token, $BSI. The $BSI token acts as the primary medium of transaction and facilitates cross-border transactions using the ability of cryptos to eliminate fiat conversion charges. 

Recently, Bali Social Integrated made the token public by listing it on Uniswap and their website. They incentivized participation by offering several rewards such as,

  • Join & Earn up to 15% Bonus; how?
  • Contribute 0.1 ETH & Get 5% Bonus
  • Contribute 0.5 ETH & Get 10% Bonus

These rewards were available for the users who purchased the token on the BSI website. Following that, Bali Social Integrated announced a flash sale of a $BSI token paired with even more rewards. Seeing the immense participation, the company extended its flash token sale, which is still live. Here are the details for the Flash token Sale. 

Flash Sale Starts: Aug 31 | 00.01 AM GMT+7

Flash Sale Ends: Aug 31 | 11.59 PM GMT+7

Rewards: Earn an extra 30% minimum purchase of 1 ETH

Where to Purchase: 

Sale Extension

Flash Sale Starts: Aug 31 | 00.01 AM GMT+7

Flash Sale Ends: Sept 1 | 11.59 PM GMT+7

Rewards: Earn an extra 30% minimum purchase of 1 ETH

Where to Purchase:  

Bali Social Integrated is putting out all the stops to ensure that $BSI tokens gain excellent traction and help optimize the entire global tourism industry. To that effort, $BSI token will also be listed on HotBit and CoinsBit soon. 

Tourism on Blockchain – Bali Social Integrated begins token sale on its website!

The use of blockchain technology is on the rise, and tourism and hospitality industries are leading the charge of bringing the technology to non-tech-savvy users. The global tourism industry is one of the most significant contributors to the global GDP, but it has not reached even close to its true potential.

Blockchain technology has the potential to optimize tourism by making transactions more secure, faster, and cheaper and improving cross-country communications. Bali Social Integrated, a revolutionary blockchain-powered tourism platform, aims to boost global tourism and help it reach its true potential while helping travelers and service providers along the way. 

The main area of focus for Bali Social Integrated is eliminating the intermediaries from the equation to reduce transactional and operation costs for both service providers and global travelers. To do so, the company has created a platform where all parties can interact directly without any middleman. 

Also, as a blockchain platform, Bali Social Integrated has a $BSI token that acts as the primary transaction medium within the ecosystem and simultaneously offers rewards for holding. Recently, the $BSI token went live on Uniswap and the BSI website

Bali Social Integrated offers several rewards from August 23rd to August 31st for users who purchase the tokens through their website. The token is available for purchase for 0.00032 ETH and can be withdrawn from the wallet on August 27th. Some of the rewards the company is offering for investors purchasing the token from the website are:

  • 300.000 BSI tokens are allocated as rewards for investors.
  • Buy BSI Token with 0,1 ETH bonus 5%.
  • Buy BSI Token with 0,5 ETH bonus 10%.
  • Buy BSI Token with 1 ETH bonus of 15%.

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive platform that will bring the necessary change in the global tourism industry. With the help of its transparent and incentivized $BSI token, the company will simplify cross-country travel transactions and eliminate the need for fiat conversion and its associated fees. 

Bali Social Integrated has already developed a strong network of affiliated stores in Bali in association with its business line Viaje and will slowly shift its focus to the whole world. The $BSI token is being listed on Hotbit, a popular crypto trading platform on September 3rd. 

For more information on the Token Sale and about the project, join BSI’s Telegram Channel.