Steph Curry’s ‘Curryverse’ Will Enable Fans to Earn Free NFTs

Steph Curry, a superstar in the National Basketball Association (NBA), filed a trademark application for the term “Curryverse” on October 26 in what appears to be an attempt to bring his take on the Metaverse to the NBA’s 650 million fans.

Stephen Curry, a professional basketball player, recently filed a trademark application for initiating “Curryverse.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Legal counsel representing Curry, the point guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, has filed a trademark application covering various digital assets and services delivered in the Metaverse, according to Attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, as reported by
  • The services listed in the patent application filed on October 26 include “personal and virtual and metaversal appearances by a professional basketball player, philanthropist, business person, entertainer, actor and producer” and “providing online games in which players can earn non-fungible tokens, digital tokens, or application tokens.” Among the other services to be offered, “online games” are specifically mentioned, with participants having the opportunity to acquire “non-fungible, digital tokens, or application tokens” for use in a decentralized marketplace.
  • According to information from the World Intellectual Property Organization’s IP portal, the application’s status is “Live/Pending” as of November 1.
  • According to the entry, it will take about three months from filing for a new application to be assigned to an examining attorney.

Athletes Stepping Into the NFT Market:

Athletes and leagues are increasingly venturing into the NFT market and Metaverse in search of new money streams. Thus this latest development is timely. The Premier League, England’s highest professional soccer division, is preparing to form a collaboration with NFT fantasy soccer game Sorare that might be valued at over £30 million ($34.6 million) annually.

The possible multi-year agreement will allow the 20 clubs in the Premier League to sell NFTs with digital likenesses of star players like Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland.

The NBA, Curry’s division, has also profited from the proliferation of sports-themed NFTs. NBA Top Shot is an officially licensed virtual trading card platform. This platform is developed on the FLOW blockchain by Dapper Labs, the same firm responsible for CryptoKitties. Short films of memorable slam dunks, three-pointers, and other thrilling game occurrences (together known as “Moments”) make up NBA Top Shot NFTs, which reportedly surpassed a market cap of $1.1 billion in March 2022. is the Official Sponsor of the Los Angeles Lakers

The last few months have seen an increased awareness of cryptocurrency’s potential usage in sports and various industries, and recently, there have been multiple partnerships between various crypto firms and sporting giants.  To acquire traction and enhance brand recognition, sports teams are increasing their advertising budgets to incorporate new and upcoming crypto exchange platforms, and these partnerships have proven to be incredible.

The crypto world is acting as a bailout for the cash-strapped sporting industry. Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, sports teams are turning to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to boost income and improve the fan experience. Clubs are looking into crypto-sponsorships, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), and fan tokens as ways to improve their relationship with fans.

Lakers Announce a New Partnership

Like many other teams, The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers have joined’s network as the twenty-fourth team in the American basketball league as a partner. This collaboration, like most others in the NBA, will revolve around Socios sponsoring the Lakers and fostering a new relationship and experience for their fans.

Rather than the popular non-fungible token, Socios’ main offering is fan tokens, which are cryptocurrencies. To sell the teams’ tokens, has agreements with numerous top global sports entities, including soccer clubs PSG, Barcelona, and Arsenal. These digital assets can be bought and sold with cryptocurrencies. Token holders can also trade them for benefits such as team experiences, poll voting privileges, and special items. will be the presenting sponsor of the Los Angeles Lakers Facebook Group, beginning with the 2021-22 season, where Lakers fans can interact with one another and discuss their favorite Lakers moments by posting and viewing content, as well as participate in virtual events sponsored by 

Furthermore, content sponsored by will be shared on the Lakers’ Twitter Polls which would allow fans to vote on a variety of team-related topics. Also, will be an official sponsor of the Lakers 2k gaming team and the South Bay Lakers, in addition to prominent broadcast signage.

Reaction to the Partnership

In a statement, Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of expressed his excitement about the new partnership and was quoted saying, “The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most prestigious brands in sport, and I’m thrilled to be working with them as rapidly expands into the U.S. market. What an awesome way to round off another great week of growth.”

Similarly, Tim Harris, President of Business Operations, Lakers, said in a statement, “as an that has a shared perspective and will help support our initiatives to serve the Lakers fanbase.”

The Lakers join a roster of more than 90 major worldwide sporting franchises on, including soccer, Formula One, mixed martial arts, esports, and cricket. The sponsorship also helps’s growing presence in the US sports market and spread cryptocurrency adoption.

Dapper Labs Introduces NFTs to the NFL

The sporting world has not only embraced cryptocurrency but has jumped into the latest trend within the crypto world, NFTs. Cryptocurrencies are being adopted at a fast rate, and a few weeks ago, high figures within the sporting world such as Stephen Curry and America’s Major League Soccer, French superstar Kylian Mbappe and his club Paris Saint-Germain have all staked their claim in the potential-laden industry.

Within the crypto world, NFTs have proven to be the new bait attracting thousands and millions to the eye-popping opportunities locked up within the space, and the latest to join the trend is the NFL which would be introduced into the world of NFTs by Dapper Labs.

Dapper Labs Partners with the NFL

According to reports, the National Football League (NFL), NFL Players Association (NFLPA), and Dapper Labs, the creator of famous NFT ventures like NBA TopShot and CryptoKitties, are intending to build an American football-themed NFT marketplace.

This deal offers a series of potentials and lucrative rewards for both parties as it would see Dapper Labs  become the second biggest source of digital licensing revenue for the NFL Players Associations coming behind EA Sports’ video game franchise,  “Madden.”

Like the baseball NFT marketplace, the new NFT for the NFL will run on the flow blockchain and is widely speculated to be out during the current NFL season, which finishes on the 9th of January. This new marketplace, similar to the famous NBA TopShot NFT platform, would allow users to purchase and sell trading card-like NFTs of NFL sports highlights.

Dapper’s primary focus will be to put out mind-blowing video content for this partnership like it did with its successful basketball product, which raked in about $780 million in collectibles since the year began, showing how popular and in-demand it has been.

The Dapper Expansion

Dapper Labs has been bent on expanding its frontiers and has been raising funds to back its ambitions of spreading cryptocurrency to various industries and entering into partnerships with some of the top brands. Reports revealed that Dapper Labs received $250 million in fundraising earlier this month, which shot its total worth to $7.6 billion. This would not be the first funds the crypto platform has raised. Earlier this year, Dapper Labs raised $305 million, which is used to finance and sponsor several projects.

NFTs are Changing Sports

Although NFTs have largely grown popular within the art world, the potential of merging them with sports seems to be irresistible. For instance, the NBA Top Shot provides basketball lovers with the right marketplace to buy and sell highlight video clips of classic basketball games.

Fans are delighted in being able to purchase athletes’ valuable belongings, and the platform is soaring in popularity and is said to have received around $500 million in sales so far. 

NBA Top Shot is not the only NFT based sports marketplace. Sorare is another crypto project changing the sporting world with its Fantasy football game where players can manage their favorite team and earn rewards. All these show that the crypto revolution has huge potential of bringing in more revenues and excitement to sports lovers.


Sorare Gets $680 Million Funding!!!

The last few months have seen a fast-paced adoption of cryptocurrency globally, and thousands and millions of people have embraced blockchain and seen it as the future of the world.

Recently, global tech giants such as Twitter and Facebook have joined in the wave and are staking their future in the crypto revolution.

The adoption has spilled into the sporting world, and last month NBA star Stephen Curry alongside other sporting giants. French club Paris Saint-Germain announced its partnership with a crypto-based firm showing the ambition of these global corporations to join the ongoing crypto boom.

Sorare Announced its Funding

Recently a European football NFT platform, Sorare, announced its plans to spread the adoption of crypto in sports with its groundbreaking series B funding. Softbank led the funding, and $680 million was raised for the non-fungible token (NFT) fantasy football platform. Other partners in the funding included Atomico, Bessemer Venture Partners, D1 Capital, Eurazeo, IVP, and Liontree.

The funds raised takes the total valuation of the sporting platform to $4 billion and is intended to be used in expanding the platform and opening an office in the United States.

NFTs have proven to be the most lucrative part of crypto in the last few months and have seen millions of people join in to cash in from the multi-billion earning opportunities found in it.

On the other hand, the Fantasy sports market has dominated the sporting market in the US, and one can only wonder about the magical combination of NFT and fantasy sports led by Sorare.

Sorare has created a fantasy football platform using NFTs, and all transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Also,  each digital card is registered as a unique token on the blockchain, and users can transact between themselves, buying and selling cards. Sorare currently does not take any cut from transactions between players, and about $150 million worth of cards have been traded on the platform since the year began

Funding to be Used for Expansion 

Sorare is widely recognised in the sporting world and has entered into lucrative partnerships with football giants like Liverpool, Juventus, and Spanish giants Real Madrid. With the recent funding, the platform hopes to attract more investors and build more partnerships with leading brands.

Funds would be spent on hiring able hands that would help expand Sorare, and a chunk of the funds raised would be used in marketing campaigns. Experts believe Sorare is pivotal in introducing a new audience to cryptocurrency, and explosive growth is anticipated for the platform in the coming months. The company announced its plans to spread its tent to American football, basketball, and baseball, which would see it become the top crypto-based sporting brand in the country.


Libereum Eyes Sports Industry to Popularize Crypto

Technology is growing at an unimaginable speed. The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have changed the way businesses are operated today. Cryptocurrency has seen exponential growth as new investors from around the world are flooding the market like never before. Growth in the economies has been assured thanks to the use of fresh coins by different firms. 

One such company that can be deemed as being early adopters of the cryptocurrency market is Libereum. The company has understood that Soccer is one of the most popular games played at a global level and are aware of the fact that Soccer is thriving due to the presence of clubs. 

Libereum, A Dutch-based cryptocurrency organization is firm on building a robust network of users in the Sports industry. Libereum is an ERC20 token in order to create a new ecosystem in the sports spectrum at a global level. It plans to cut it globally with LIBER token as the lead currency. 

Libereum aims to disrupt the system where Crypto is being dealt with by people belonging to the classes and not masses. The organizations intend to take the cryptocurrencies at the mass level by implementing crypto as the payment method at varied sports clubs especially Football active clubs. 


It is vying to establish contacts with firms and individuals who are more than ready to invest in Libereum so that they can gain acquisition in these sports clubs. It also will be used as the payment option especially for food, drinks, and relevant sponsor packages. The payment method is considered secure as it will be powered by the blockchain technology and with the deployment of the distributed ledger technology, storage and access of data will be top-notch.

Its long-term vision

As discussed earlier, Libereum intends to break the system where crypto was reserved only for the ones who were lucky. The company wants a deviation that guided the old school of thought where the gap between the elite and the commoners is ever-growing. It wants people to have a hold on their investments and not be dominated by forces reserved by the influential. The organization is motivating people to become a part of this revolution as it will not be able to take off without the support of the masses. 

The concern highlighted by Libereum sure shows that it is interested in an all-inclusive growth formula especially after what Bitcoin is doing. A look into Bitcoin wallets and trade volumes gives a glaring review of how 80% of the total market belongs to only 5% of investors highlighting the demarcation. 

We are all aware of how important the sport of football is, and the Libereum blueprint encompasses the acquiring of a football team making cryptocurrency accessible to bolster economic activities surrounding the club. It is targetting at adopting large-scale crypto and consolidating it into football. 

Work process flow

It is a huge blocking project that has its prime focus on creating user networks in the sports industry. 

  • The first step of this mission is to source a soccer club in the most popular sports divisions in Europe. It will strive to build ties with contacts who are willing to invest in Libereum. 
  • Libereum will then be placed before fans and club sponsors
  • It will then make Libereum the only way to make payments for food, tickets, etc. 
  • After crowd sale, the tokens will be available for buying at market price through exchange trade. 

The company wants Libereum to become the only way to pay. `

Libereum has a bright future

Libereum is a much larger concept than what it is right now. With its vision intact, the company has already started taking a decisive strategy to spread the goals. With the company’s think tank and its history of executing difficult projects, this mission also can be executed successfully if the right tools are adopted at the right place at the right time.