What Is Quizando?

Since the invention of social media platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter amazing people  have been sharing opinions, likes and dislikes, and outstanding content with the world… and steadily growing their audiences.

Some of the lucky ones, have built audiences massive 100+ Million audiences, allowing them to seriously cash in on their celebrity status.

But what about all those amazing content creators on youtube, snapchat, instagram, and twitter who build audiences of 10K, 50K, 100 K audiences?  How do they monitize the hours they put in to making amazing content?

To make any revenue from the audiences they need to work hard at getting endorsement deals, look for related affiliates and constantly promote products or set up a separate business on which they can monetize their influence – instead of focusing on what they do best, which is create amazing content.

And this is where Quizando Live Comes in.  They want to help influencers around the world monitize their influence easily without the need to be a business expert or turning their channels into a constant  adverts.

Quizando Live is where influencers, large and small, get to host their own quizzes in real time via video link.  All of a sudden, people with small, medium or even large social media followings have a quick, simple and easy way to make money from their followers.

Influencers will  be able to easily set up a quiz on any category, promote it to their followers and earn instant money for every player who joins their game.

Project – What is Quizando?

The Quizando project is a state-of-the-art quiz delivery system enabling players to participate in a gaming ecosystem that rewards them with cash prizes.

How’s your trivia?

Quizando pays out cash for players who excel at trivia and quiz games, finally allowing you to put all that random knowledge you’ve accumulated to good use! The project is the first of its kind in the world, and has remained unique in the cryptogaming space since a soft launch in 2017. Quizando now has thousands of active players signing up to the platform every month despite the fact that it’s currently only operating in beta testing mode, a very strong indicator that it could really take off when fully operational.

At the moment there are three types of games available on Quizando: Last Man Standing, Head to Head, and Classic.

Last Man Standing is a fun and exciting quiz in which hundreds of thousands of people can compete at the same time, answering exactly the same questions. As more players are eliminated, tension builds until it’s down from thousands to hundreds, to tens, to the final two players – to the last man standing.

Head to Head is a more social game where players build their own quizzes and challenge friends, family, other users or even complete strangers to a quiz on a specific topic with a specific duration. The more people join, the bigger the pot! That means the more people you can bring into a game, the higher the cash prize is at the end.

Classic mode is the backbone of the platform consisting of simple leaderboard-based games which run for a two-week period and are playable at any time of day or night.

Quizando has been actively developing more game styles and variations which will be ready to go once the platform is upgraded and more scalable. Because the platform has been revenue positive and monetizeda from day one, the project is essentially ahead of the game and in a unique position to dominate the potentially vast but still untapped quiz game market in the crypto space. Watch this space!

Quizando Live

Quizando Live is an exciting aspect of the platform in which influencers will host and live stream their own Last Man Standing quizzes to a live audience of their followers! This enables anyone with a social media following of any size to have access to a fun and rewarding way of generating revenue with their followers while entertaining them at the same time.

Spending hours making videos to garner a social media following doesn’t always pay off like it should in the highly competitive world of social media influencing, and it’s not always easy to get your content out there to your viewers. Quizando provides a fun and engaging way to promote content in a way that followers will enjoy.

Set up a quiz, promote it to followers who will share with their friends who they want to get in on the action. Subscribers are happy because they’re having fun, and influencers are happy because their subscribers are engaging in a meaningful way that earns real money at the same time.

Quizando by itself has proven to be a viable and financially rewarding business model, but the addition of Quizando Live will not only take it to a whole new revenue level, it will change the lives of influencers around the globe.

The relationship between Quizando and influencers is a two way street – as more influencers are attracted to the platform, more players are brought into the fold thus increasing the userbase of the platform until Quizando reaches a critical mass of hosts, players and profitability.

Already on board as a Quizando influencer is the wildly popular Boyce Avenue, the most widely viewed independent band in the world with over 11 million subscribers on Youtube alone.

The Market

ICO Details

Tokens available For Private Placement / ICO:

231,600,000 QUIZ

Hard Cap:

$1,795,000 or equivalent in any ratio of USD/EUR, BTC and/or ETH, (subject to Exchange rate)


$0.01 or equivalent in any ratio of USD/EUR, BTC and/or ETH, (subject to Exchange rate)

Private Placement Bonus:

75% For the first $ 386,000 contributions. 40% for subsequent $ 579,000 in contributions.

Private Placement:

1st August 2018 to 14th September 2018

Pre ICO:

15th September 2018 to 30th September 2018

Launch of Crowd Funding Event:

1st October 2018 to 30th November 2018

Minimum Private Placement per Contributor:

$6,000 or equivalent in any ratio of USD/EUR, BTC and/or ETH, (subject to Exchange rate)

Token Distribution

24% Token Offer (ICO)

20% Reserved for Development Fund

16% Reserved for Group Liquidity

10% Reserved for Advisors & Influencers

10% Reserved for Strategic Acquisition Fund

10% Reserved for the Team

5% Reserved for Affiliates

5% Reserved for Marketing

Allocation of Funds

15% Operational Expenses

17% Wages

21% Marketing/Affiliates/Influencers

10% New Project Development

23% Quizando Development

14% Initial Capex

Note: The minimum investment is $6,000 or equivalent in any ratio of BTC/USD/ETH/EUR.


The Quizando token is called Quiz, and it plays a vital role in the Quiazndo ecosystem.

The team states their goal of ensuring that the token has value and is also extensively used on the platform, and that’s exactly the mindset with which the token was carefully designed. The relaunched verion of Quizanfo has an ecosystem designed to pass a huge range of benefits directly over to QUIZ owners. Players deposit and withdraw funds to and from their game wallets both in traditional currencies and QUIZ – this ensures a wider range of users than limiting it to fiat or crypto only.

However, only QUIZ users depositing QUIZ tokens to their game wallets can receive Reward Points which can then be used on exclusive content, which encourages use and adoption og the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Reward Points grant access to special prize games, celebrity quizzes, major prize quizzes, and free turns on selected in-house quizzes.

Throughout the relaunched platform players will be encouraged to buy QUIZ and use it to make their deposits in order to avail themselves of these brilliant bonus features in order to ensure QUIZ is used, valued and appreciated by the community from day one. The total supply of QUIZ is 231,600,000.


The team is a Maltese-based group of experienced entrepreneurs and businesspeople with many successful ventures and companies under their belt which have provided services adopted by the Maltese government and people.

James Calvert: CEO

One of the early innovators in Malta’s digital sector, James was a founder of Findit.com.mt, the first online business directory in Malta, and Untangled Media, a digital services company. He currently holds executive positions with Findit Limited and Untangled Media Limited, and has overseen first stage development and the beta operations of Quizando. James has more than a decade of experience in launching online business enterprises and seeing them through to maturity. He is also a founder of Malta Pass, an online tourism product unique to the country.

Wesley Ellul: CCO

Wesley brings a wealth of digital experience to the table. He has overseen the development and creation of a huge number of websites including the original Findit plus portals for Gozo Channel, Malta Football Association, UEFA, Farsons, Malta International Airport and Avis. He is also one of the founders of Ticketline.com.mt, Malta’s leading ticketing services provider and Big Ticket Events, one of Malta’s top large-scale events organisers and promoters. Wesley will be focusing his attention on community building and management.

The project is active on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and via their website. You can read the project white paper here and sign up to the whitelist here.

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