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Valencia Announces ‘Smart-Port’ Project Using Blockchain and Big Data Tech

The city of Valencia in Spain is planning to initiate a modernization project for their seaport which will utilize Big Data and Blockchain technology to reduce paperwork and make it a smartport. This announcement was made during the Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies conference held at Rotterdam, Holland on Wednesday this week.

Valencia’s smart-port will be paperless

Jose Garcia de la Guia, who is the Head of new technologies at the port of Valencia said, “We are striving to progress towards a paperless seaport with all the technological components of any modern port. Beginning from Valencia, we aim to use these technologies strategically to improve the transparency of our logistical operations. In the future, we have plans to extend our services outside the port as well. We will make use of cloud technologies while integrating our systems with our ports & shipping partners.”

About the Conference

Port Technology (PTI) organized The Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies Congress in Rotterdam, Holland. This conference focused on studying the leadership and coordination roles of various industrial players in the ports & shipping sector. Its basic aim was to advance the concept of “smart ports” which can enable optimization of the whole supply chain. The conference was attended by the official delegations from Antwerp, Algeciras, Rotterdam and Valencia ports. Among other prominent participants were the World Economic Forum, CargoX, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration.

International efforts to integrate blockchain for ports & shipping sector

Several international operators in the ports industry are exploring the use of blockchain technology to reduce costs and improve productivity. Associated British Ports (ABP), which is England’s top port operator, signed a MoU with Marine Transport International (MTI) to improve port connectivity by studying the implementation of blockchain technology. Similarly, Korean Customs Services (KCS) signed an agreement with the world-famous technology company, the Samsung SDS to utilize its blockchain platform, called the Nexledger, for customs service-delivery.

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