TOP 15 Recent/Upcoming ICOs

great infographic from @ico_analytics detailing the top 15 recent and upcoming ICOs based off ratings from ICO reviewers. Check it out!

A decentralized exchange, NEX, is leading the way with high ratings across the board with the exception being Ian Balina. NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic tradeand payment service creation.

Recent Binance addition, Quarkchain, following right behind. Currently trading at 9.4x USD and 9.45x BTC price.

Interesting to see how different approaches stack up against each other. There seems to be come consensus with regards to ICO analysis with most reviewers placing more value on new blockchain protocols. With the recent comments made by the head of the SEC, it seems that these protocol coins will have a much easier time getting listed on regulated exchanges.

If you think there’s any ICOs missing or have any thoughts, hit us up on twitter.