News and BCH come together. Best use case to date? and BCH come together. Best use case to date?

The ever ongoing battle between who is the real Bitcoin may be important to some but for the average consumer there is only one thing on their mind: fees.

Whether you are a Bitcoin maximalist or Bitcoin Cash aficionado, the fact is, fees are cheaper when using Bitcoin Cash and on On Friday, May 18, 2018, Bitcoin Cash ( announced their partnership with ? They are giving out $10 of BCH with your first purchase and if you use the official wallet. Not a bad deal.

These giveaways are usually subject to abuse (especially in the crypto community) so better hurry and claim your $10 before they stop the promotion*. Not sure what is and how it can save you a ton of money on Amazon purchases? Read on.

*Limited to first 1,000 users who make a purchase using BCH in July 2018. One Cash Back giveaway per person.

What is ?

Put simply, ? is a marketplace that matches Amazon shoppers with cryptocurrency buyers. These crypto buyers (referred to as “Earners”) are willing to purchase whatever item you want on Amazon by using their Amazon gift cards, in exchange for your crypto. The killer feature here is that they are willing to do it for cheaper than Amazon prices, anywhere from 5-25% discount. So there is an obvious attraction to using this platform.

So how exactly does it work? There are two methods to using ? and they depend on the desired discount

  1. Only 5% Discount
  2. Above 5% Discount

Only 5% Discount

If you are looking for only a 5% discount the process is very straight forward. After signing up, you must fund your account with Bitcoin (or Bitcoin Cash), specify the item you want to buy and the destination address, and ? will buy it for you instantly. Easy peasy.

This is the safest and most reliable method since it is ? directly who is buying the item for you. No waiting time. No risk.

Above 5% Discount

But if you are looking for more than a 5% discount, this will require some more work. All discounts above 5% require your order to be matched with an Earner.

To do this you must first set up an Amazon Public Wishlist, set your discount, and then wait for an Earner to fulfil your order. Once an Earner picks up your order, you will be sent a tracking number to track your order in realtime. When it arrives and you make sure the item is what you wanted, you mark the order as received and ? releases the cryptocurrency to the Earner.


The good thing about this process is that since this item is coming from a Public Wishlist, it is considered a gift. Should anything be wrong with the item received, you are able to return it to Amazon directly and they would easily return the item and credit you with an Amazon gift card.

*This article contains a referral link which gives the referrer $5 in Bitcoin upon a succesful purchase of more than $100

Crypto is coming.

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