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Crypto content creators play a huge role in the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, relaying information to the public and influencing large audiences decisions in investment and project support.

While the space is, of course, full of shills and scam artists, there are a number of creators out there who are truly fighting the good fight and helping crypto enthusiasts stay informed. Here are some of our favorites.


Boxmining is a Youtuber who has been making crypto videos for over a year, gaining almost 200,000 subscribers. Michael Gu of Boxmining is a cryptocurrency analyst and blockchain expert. He played a major role in showing the world what Waltonchain was all about when he went in person to visit the Waltonchain factory and get a demonstration of the RFID scanners being used on retail prototypes.

Gu spoke to the project team in Mandarin while translating in English for a wider audience and helped demonstrate an example of an actual viable product being produced as opposed to a high-minded concept that may or may not come to fruition, giving people more confidence in the crypto space in general. As a blockchain expert, Gu is a trusted source of information.

Doug Polk Crypto

Doug Polk is another YouTube personality, an amiable poker player who branched out from his substantial poker following to try his hand at crypto as well. Polk’s videos are funny, informative, and often delve into what amounts to investigative journalism. Polk is perhaps best known for his hilarious exposé of the Bitconnect disaster and the influencers involved in shilling it to the masses.

In fact, Polk called the Bitconnect exit scam before it even happened, accusing the people involved like Treyvon James and Crypto Nick of being scam artists. This earned Polk widespread criticism from Bitconnect supporters – until it turned out he was right.


The Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast is one of the most popular in the space thanks to the wide range of crypto topics it covers. Released twice weekly, each episode deals with current events in the crypto space and often features interviews of relevant thought leaders as well. The tone is professional and insightful, highly recommended for anyone looking to stay informed in the crypto space.

Bitcoin Uncensored

This podcast has been going since 2015, although has since taken a hiatus. The two co-hosts deliver funny and sometimes irreverent content that will appeal to people who like straight shooting and don’t mind swearing. As one of the longest-standing podcasts in the space it has a large following who trust the hosts to be solid sources of information. While it’s uncertain that new episodes will be forthcoming any time soon, there is a large backlog to delve into that should keep newcomers busy for a while

Anothony Pompliano – Off The Chain

Anthony Pompliano is the founder of Full Tilt Capital and the host of Off The Chain podcast. He’s also a prominent Twitter influencer with over 165,000 followers.

Pompliano publishes articles on Medium, writes a daily newsletter, and hosts his podcast where he interviews CEOs, hedge fund managers, and prominent thought leaders in the space.


Unchained is another great podcast hosted by Laura Shin who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter and a large podcast audience as well.

Shin doesn’t invest in cryptocurrency and is a self-described “no-coiner”, focusing on the global applications of the tech instead.

Shin talks with big names in tech, financial services, health care, government and other sectors about the potential use cases for blockchain and crypto and how that will impact their sector and world trade and industry in general.

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