ReFi: What is it? And It’s Impact on NFTs and Web3

ReFi; also known as “regenerative finance,” is an initiative that aims to highlight the “extractive” and “exploitative” nature of the current financial system. To put it briefly, Regenerative Finance (ReFi) is a method for addressing global issues like climate change. Having a positive effect is not a necessary byproduct of ROI under this system. Instead, the focus shifts to creating a better world via shared prosperity. It encourages changing from an extractive to a regenerative economic model.

Utilizing the distributed ledger technology How we assign a value to natural capital and determine how much its worth is being rapidly transformed by ReFi into a decentralized community of independent individuals. Before we go any further, it would be beneficial to get a basic understanding of the history of ReFi as well as a few words that are used in this field.

As a result, ReFi can be regarded as a method of triangulating many aspects of sustainability by “stabilizing” the climate and “biodiversity” and also maintaining equitable access across global communities. This can establish new models and systems of finance, which can lead to an increase in prosperity.

Can The Same Positive Impact Be Attained Through NFTs and Web3? 

In contrast to the rhetoric and rumours that have been circulating NFTs in 2021, an increasing number of creators and platforms are broadening their scopes and investigating the potential applications of peer-to-peer and peer-to-business projects.

However, this does not imply that the adoption process is always straightforward. There is a great deal of “infrastructure pieces” to investigate beyond NFTs, one of which is the development of more dynamic goods that make this possible.

To put it more precisely, it’s a dance of sorts between empowering the user to be an “advanced” user who takes full “control of their assets” and “making a product frictionless” to ensure smooth adoption of the product.

So what are your views on the impact and adoption of ReFi so far?

wowTalkies receives funding from Tangentia Ventures for strategic expansion

wowTalkies, the fan engagement platform for movie fans, has received enthusiastic backing from Tangentia Ventures. wowTalkies’ mission of connecting passionate cine-lovers and providing a space to share opinions has been well-received with Tangentia Ventures. The boutique VC firm has recognized wowTalkies’ potential to reach far more movie fans. This funding will allow wowTalkies to expand its operations and build an even more extensive network of movie fans worldwide. The members of wowTalkies can look forward to exceptional features and a comprehensive video library of diverse content soon!

Speaking on the development, wowTalkies CEO Ritesh Kant said,” wowTalkies’ endeavour is to be the fan engagement platform of choice, for movie fans, on Web3 whereby fans can become super fans on the platform. Strategic, intellectual and financial capital is imperative as fodder for us to build this proposition. Mr Kant added, “Tangentia Ventures has both an Indian and North American footprint. They have impacted investors in their investment portfolio and give us go-to-market reach, crypto and web3 nous, and access to calibrated future funding. We are super excited to partner with them and could not have announced this better than at the cusp of beginning the year 2023.”

wowTalkies offers a revolutionary platform for movie fans worldwide to get actively involved in building a digital economy of movie fan culture. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for users to be rewarded in exchange for their loyalty and to make the most of their creations or influence. At wowTalkies, we understand how much convenience matters to our users, which is why we are proud to offer all this through a user-friendly mobile application that runs right from your smartphone.

Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia Ventures, is excited about this investment and said, “With a brutal investing winter, especially for Web 3.0 startups, we at Tangentia Ventures have decided to go against the grain and decided to double down on our high-quality, high growth and big market size startups and wowTalkies checks off on all these points. With the initial focus on the booming Indian market, we are confident the stellar founding team at wowTalkies will be able to get to profitable growth and become a pillar of the Web 3.0 economy of the future in India and soon across the world. We see fan engagement platforms using Web 3.0 decentralized technologies becoming key to success in the movie and music industry but also for sports teams and even consumer brands.”

Tangentia Ventures is committed to recognizing disruptive technologies’ potential and offering a competitive edge. Tangentia acknowledges and praises avant-garde businesses like Wow Talkies as they work towards revolutionizing markets with advanced technology, strong business models and real value addition. This spirit of investing early on has prompted Tangentia to launch a concentrated effort to invest in Wow Talkies, which they believe is a high-growth startup with huge market potential. While understanding the unforeseen challenges of NFTs and crypto, Tangentia Ventures remains dedicated to investing in startups with unique offerings. The company has previously invested in ventures like Pumpkin Kart, Shoot Delivery, FOHO – fractional ownership Homes, workspace, and Specbee, to name a few.

Learn more about Tangentia Ventures here.

wowTalkies is a fan engagement platform for movie fans. With wowTalkies, fans can engage in communities, earn collectibles and become SUPER FANS on their journey! wowTalkies stands out among other fan engagement platforms as it provides cutting-edge AR, AI, and deep tech-led utilities on and with the collectibles earned. wowTalkies offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience that immerses fans in the world of movies with customized tools and activities. What’s more, celebrities, production houses, and artists can also join wowTalkies to help accelerate fans’ journeys toward super FANDOM by curating content, forming exclusive fan communities, and offering innovative NFTs. wowTalkies is revolutionizing entertainment experiences online

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‘Back the Buidlers’ brings together a houseful of builders and supporters

Blockchained India continues to unite the greatest minds in the Web3 space, and this time through their Back the Buidlers unconference.

On December 3, Back the Buidlers welcomed a global community of builders, investors, and supporters at Marriott, Bangalore. The unconference was aimed at assisting builders with the best strategies to make it right in the bear market.

Organizer and Quick Glimpse

Back the Buidlers was hosted by Blockchained India and OG Club, together with Metapolis, the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-service platform, and CoinDCX, India’s largest crypto exchange.

It was supported by Drife, Token Amigo, Polkadex, GoSats, Riva Metaverse, My Own Internet, and Scrappy Squirrels.

The event was filled with much-needed and important discussions, networking sessions, and of course a gala dinner and music by the poolside. 

It marked the presence of key players from the industry who interacted with builders and guided, mentored, and supported them to thrive in the bear market.

“It lights me up to see the ecosystem has come so far without any support from the government or big institutions. Speaks a lot to the thought that nobody can stop an idea whose time has come. Together, the ecosystem has made so much happen and I see the future to be even brighter” – Akshay Aggarwal, Draper Dragon

The unconference continues gaining popularity among top Web3 professionals and enthusiasts because of its exceptional niche networking. 

Event Recap

The stage opened with a keynote address by Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada, Co-founder and CEO of Metapolis, who shared his vision of the metaverse, real myths, and giant opportunities. He added – 

“Back the Buidlers unconference has been an amazing platform for us to engage with the right stakeholders to bring the Metaverse vision to the next generation of change-makers and other ecosystem partners” 

This was followed by an excellent panel on “Investing strategies in the bear market.” The panel included investors like Rohit Jain from CoinDCX Ventures, Akshay Aggarwal from Draper Dragon, Aditya Saraf from Spartan, and Ankur Choudhary from Woodstock Fund. It was moderated by Sameer Malik from Token Amigo. 

With the changing market sentiments, the panel discussed various strategies and the KPIs (key performance indicators) that investors are focussing on. 

Yet another panel excited the audience with a fantastic topic– “Survival of the fittest: How to build strong companies in the bear market.” It was moderated by Akshay Aggarwal from Draper Dragon, with Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada from Metapolis, Gautham J. from Polkadex, Firdosh Sheikh from Drife, and Sameep Singhania from QuickSwap as speakers. 

The panel highlighted the need to not just build but “build a product that solves real user problems.” They also advised the audience to be choosy when launching a token and only launch it with a fantastic utility to it.

This was followed by the final session on “Myths and realities of building in the bear market” with Anantha R. Krishnan from MOI Protocol, Jagdish Pandya from Riva Metaverse, and Roshan from GoSats. The panel was moderated by Subhendu from OG Club. The experts shared the right approach to building for the new builders, which includes figuring out what the problem is and why Web3 is the key to solving this problem and then start building.


The unconference concluded with a high-class networking event at the Marriott poolside.

“Blockchained India did a fantastic job of getting together a relevant and highly curated group of people and facilitated meaningful conversations through both structured panels and informal interactions.” – Rohit Jain, CoinDCX Ventures

Experts are bullish and expect the next crypto year to be promising, while Blockchained India will continue to organize more such initiatives to help the industry prosper.

About Blockchained India:

Blockchained India is the largest and oldest Web3 community in India. It has supported budding Web3 startups in the ecosystem since the beginning. Now, the community focuses towards the widespread adoption of Web3.

Solgames: Web2 to Web3 Transition made easy for Gamers, Game Devs and Designers.

Solgames is a gaming marketplace that brings game developers, hard-core gamers, and designers into a common ecosystem. The gaming marketplace is powered by the Solana blockchain and provides Web3 as an infrastructure for game developers. It is a play-to-earn gaming platform that houses Web3 games for every game player.

Solgames facilitates the smooth transition of Web2 games into Web3 by introducing NFTs and SOLG tokens into the solverse.

Solgames SDK is the crucial aspect that game developers can use to launch their games and earn royalties. By integrating the SDK into the game, developers can deploy crypto rewards to gamers. But the ticket to gain access to the entire solgames ecosystem is the NFT. The game designers create unique NFT collections for every game on Solgames.

Before game players start playing, they need to buy the NFTs and SOLG tokens.

These digital assets provide access to play any game on Solgames. Moreover, the users can trade these assets in the Solgames marketplace enabling the game developers and designers to earn a commission.

Our Features

The Solgames ecosystem stands out for its flexibility and transparency to the game developers, players, and fans. Its core features include: 

Tokenizing web games: Web and open source games with high potential can provide value to the developers by utilising the on-chain Web3 as an infrastructure. Crypto rewards and NFTs can tokenize these games. 

$SOLG Token: in the Solgames ecosystem, the $SOLG token is proprietary, and its utility is across staking, marketplace, solgame, and much more. 

Marketplace: the one-stop shop to purchase, sell or trade gaming assets like NFT collectibles and other items using the $SOLG token. 

Staking: to fortify the crypto rewards earned and won through solgames, the cryptocurrency can be staked.
Portfolio: besides earning game developers and game designers can build their portfolio by becoming a part of the solgames ecosystem.

What are Solgames?

Solgames is a gaming marketplace built on the Solana blockchain that enables game developers to release their games and earn rewards every time a user wants to play their games and buy various in-game assets (NFT rewards, SolG token), as well as every time the gamer wants to trade those assets in the Solgames marketplace, the game developer makes a commission in perpetuity.

Additionally, developers receive a customised dashboard to display their body of work in game development. You may think of it as the GitHub for game creators because it allows them to showcase their proof of work and contributions to the gaming industry in one location, and what’s better than getting paid for it?

Similar to this, players can receive incentives while gameplay in the form of NFTs and SolG tokens, which they can then exchange on the Solgames market or other NFT markets like opensea or different DEXes.

Solgames Tech behind the work

In essence, admission to games offered on the platform requires the purchase of Solgames NFTs, making it a unique login system. Once logged in, the user can browse a variety of games and, based on the NFT type they purchased, they have access to a particular collection of games. Future plans for Solgames include the inclusion of a multiplayer component.

Launching their game on the platform, game developers only need to link their GitHub codebase to ours; our securely developed APIs will take care of the rest, ensuring seamless integration. There are no additional cumbersome stages and it is clean and slim.

The Real problem solver

In the traditional gaming industry, creating a game is a laborious and creatively challenging process that is accompanied by a number of difficulties such as choosing the best platform, auditing, integrating, launching, and promoting.

The revenue share earned by the developers is pitifully small and unfair. We think that a developer’s ability to leverage their expertise in game production and the competitive edge they can acquire in the market should only be driven by the quality of the game and that the developer should be the only party to benefit from such benefits rather than a middleman.

Along with that comes the complicated knowledge of the infrastructure that a developer must work with in order to release their game. In essence, Solgames aims to eliminate all of these issues and restore the code’s ability to determine its past, present, and future.
Game NFTs and Game Tokens

The real-world utilization of cryptocurrency has escalated ever since the initiation of Web3 Gaming and NFTs. As per the report by Blockchain Game Alliance, over 1.4 million crypto wallets are seen authenticating with Web3 games on a daily basis. It represents almost 49% of the total blockchain usage. 

Solgames has two major NFT to showcase to our users.

1. Platform Pass (NFTs)
Solgames first set of 7777 General Platform NFTs are quite unique and they provide certain Benefits such as: 

  • Recharging 
  • Gaming 
  • NFT minting

Also, our Platform NFT hodlers will be provided with a special Discord Role and access to an exclusive private channel. having access to all the games.

2. Game NFT

Players can now begin playing our games by owning one of the 9999 NFTs we have available on the Solgames platform.

For Developers

They are the masterminds behind the development of the games. Solgames is just a gaming platform. But the vast plethora of game developers who have designed and developed all the browser-based games are the pillars of solgames.

Solgames provides Web3 as an infrastructure to game developers that can upgrade any browser-based game with blockchain infrastructure.

Upon tokenizing the games, they can earn maximum commission and royalties every time the users play, compete and win. Moreover, each game has its own NFT game collection where the game players need to purchase an NFT to play the game. The game developers can also earn and stake the NFTs. They can also buy and stake SOLG tokens used in the Solgames marketplace.

The developers can gain access to the in-game analytics of their respective games. These analytics will enable them to stay updated with all the numbers. Collaborating with Solgames and building different games on the platform will enable them to

For Designers

Along with game developers, Solgames is a place for designers and audiences who have a keen interest in design and crypto. The designers in the Solgames ecosystem design the NFT collections for every game hosted on the platform.

When game players purchase the NFTs to play any game, then a percent of the purchased amount accounts for the royalty to the designer. They can earn royalties on each gaming NFT collection that they design.

The game fans and designers can buy or sell the NFTs or also become an NFT collector by purchasing the NFTs from different game NFT collections. The biggest plus point is that game designers can build an NFT designer portfolio.

For Gamers

Players are the main constituents of the solverse. They run the entire ecosystem by playing, engaging, and competing in competitions. Solgames is a hub for both single-player and multiplayer games. These games are all free to play.

To casually play any game on solgames, they need to purchase NFTs from the game NFT collection. To win rewards in SOLG, the players need to pay a minimum token amount. Once the leaderboard is finalized the top winners will be rewarded in SOLG tokens.

The winning amount is always pre-determined by the game developer while building the game.If the player still wants to continue playing the same game, then they opt to recharge the NFTs. The players can stake the SOLG tokens, buy or sell NFTs, and stake the NFTs.

Our Roadmap

Many of Solgames’ games will incorporate multiplayer functionality, allowing players to use the items they earn via gaming both within and outside of the game.

Additionally, Solgames NFTs have a rental feature that enables NFT owners to earn a passive income while still remaining a part of the Solgames ecosystem by renting their NFTs in the marketplace to interested gamers at significantly lower prices.

How can you contribute?

We are looking to collaborate with people that have a passion for creating products for the Web3 ecosystem and who practically live there. People are being hired by Solgames in a number of disciplines, including community and business development, marketing, growth, and development. For collaborations or questions, e-mail or

Further, you can connect us on —

? Website:

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? Instagram:

Soul Bound NFTs by Vitalik Buterin

NFTs are, by definition, tokens that don’t have any value on their own but are assigned to valuable assets to facilitate trade. However, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has announced the launch of an exciting new use case for the NFTs. 

Buterin recently co-wrote a 40-page paper to explain how Ethereum is going to revolve around a new ecosystem called Decentralized Society with souldbound tokens as one of the main attributes. 

Soulbound tokens are NFTs that a person can earn based in part on their education and job history. Unlike normal NFTs, these NFTs are non-transferable and represent the person’s reputation and accomplishments as a type of extended resume. 

The Real-Life Value of SBTs

Soulbound Tokens or SBTs are shareable as CVs or resumes while being attested to a soul or person. For example, one of the use cases for SBTs would be as a recommendation layer by a company for its employees. Buterin aims to use SBTs as degrees issued by universities, qualification verifications and more, making it difficult for imposters to impersonate anyone. 

The idea is to bolster people’s social identities by customizing them with unique, non-exchangeable badges. In theory, the tokens could help solve some of the problems ravaging decentralized finance, like scams and theft,” Buterin said. 

The SBTs will be stored in Soul wallets and can be easily recovered even if you somehow lose the key. The wallet would require consent from Soul community members, that would verify the user’s identity. These community members are called guardians, and the wallet owner can only select them to ensure security. 

The guardians can be close friends, family members, trusted institutions, etc. and can authenticate the owner of the soul through conversion, a face-to-face meeting and several other methods. 

The SBTs collection is meant to go live by the end of this year and will connect to Buterin’s larger plan to create a decentralized society by 2024.