Doodles to Come Up with its Follow-Up Series ‘Doodles 2’ on Flow Blockchain

Just In: One of the most successful Ethereum NFT initiatives has selected NBA Top Shot as the location for its follow-up series.

You can’t have avoided Doodles if you’ve been keeping up with the world of NFTs in recent times; they’re known for their quirky, doodly-fun doodles, and many are fans of their NFTs due to their delightfully whimsical concepts.

Here’s its success story of the first phase: Doodles, one of the most publicized Ethereum NFT projects, has made more than $550 million in trades so far, and artist Pharrell Williams now serves as the company’s chief brand officer.

Now here’s another good news for all the Doodles followers. For its next big drop, Doodles is heading to the Flow blockchain.

What Should You Know About Doodles 2? 

Doodles have announced that its forthcoming larger-scale Doodles 2 project will launch on Flow, the Web3 platform best known for sports NFT initiatives like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day.

Doodles 2 was announced for the first time last June at an NFT NYC event. It preserves the pastel, cartoonish appearance of the original series and artist Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin. Still, it is reported to encompass millions of NFTs instead of the 10,000 avatars in the original Doodles series.

In addition, it will enable NFT holders to constantly personalize their characters for use in gaming, social media, and other contexts. Owners of Doodles 2 NFTs will be able to customize their avatars’ bodies, clothing, facial expression, and accessories.

The items will, after that, be tradable on the Gaia marketplace on Flow. Moreover, due to the customization factor, the developers announced at NFT NYC that Doodles 2 would launch on a different blockchain platform than Ethereum, as Ethereum mainnet transactions incur high network gas fees. Some in the NFT industry have hypothesized that it might be Solana or Polygon.

On Tuesday, the business tweeted a brief video showcasing a variety of Doodles figures that could be dressed, accessorized, and played with in various ways. On January 31st, the first phase of the Doodles 2 experience will become available to current Doodles owners.

Doodles Overview: 

Doodles are a collectibles initiative by NFT inspired by the community and feature artwork by Burnt Toast, alias Scott Martin. At the time of writing, the current floor price on OpenSea is 16 ETH, or about USD 69,050.15. It was first issued on October 17th, 2021. Within the first day following the mint, you could have purchased one for about 1ETH. 

Doodles NFTs come in various hues and sizes, with 265 different qualities you can choose from. Doodles are “skellys, cats, aliens, apes, and mascots,” which are examples of animals commonly depicted in hand-drawn forms. There are dozens of “unique heads, outfits, and colours” in The Doodles that Burnt Toast created. There are 10,000 items in the collection as a whole.

Top 5 NFT Projects to Watch Out for in 2023

In recent years, the market for tokens that can’t be exchanged for cash has ballooned into the millions. Every day, new initiatives are unveiled, and established personalities and companies begin minting NFTs.

The enormous pool of NFT projects, which continues to grow daily, has much to offer to the investors and community with the value these projects bring to the community. This is probably one of the reasons why NFTs are going big as an investment worldwide, but there’s more to its perks in today’s digitized world – a discussion for some other time!

Today, let’s explore some of the NFT projects expected to make it big and add value to the NFT community in 2023. So watch out for these projects if you’re looking for some growing NFT projects.

Top NFT Projects in 2023:

  1. SleepBe:

The first NFT project on our list is SleepBe; a creative departure from the traditional Play2Earn concepts already on the market. SleepBe’s team has given careful thought to its customers’ well-being, and as a result, they have designed a system in which users can earn rewards by maintaining a healthy level of sleep. It promotes an optimal sleep calendar clubbed with a healthy lifestyle and reduces time spent in front of screens, such as late-night scrolling.

The in-game Sleeping Genies are the persistent inspiration and guidance to complete sleep and other quests. Sleep To Earn is for sure an evolution from the usual play to earn models, but it also is a double-edged sword. Earn while you sleep and sleep well to stay fit and healthy. SleepBe surely is the way to go with power-packed features and blended activities that make all of this fun too.

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  1. Ganja Guruz: 

Ganja Guruz has 10,000 non-fungible tokens with vibrant cannabis-inspired artwork. BudBlockz, the project behind Ganja Guruz, owns cannabis farms, dispensaries, and goods. These NFTs reflect half ownership. Moreover, Ganja Guruz NFT investors own a BudBlockz-affiliated firm. It allows investors to participate in the global cannabis market without touching cannabis or its products.

The investor also learns about the cannabis market, opportunities to profit, and cannabis decriminalization laws. All while generating passive revenue from BudBlockz and other investors’ enterprises they co-own.

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  1. Axie Infinity: 

Sky Mavis of Vietnam created Axie Infinity, an NFT-based online game. The game has its economy, and its currency is Ethereum. Furthermore, the game is based on the popular Nintendo Pokemon franchise.

The game popularized the notion of ‘play to earn’ and is now one of the most popular online games. Axie is the term used to describe the game’s creatures, and to play; a player must acquire three axies. The cost of an axie varies according to its features, but on average, a good axie costs $200. The NFT initiative has a trading volume of over $4 billion and over 1 million buyers.

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  1. Art blocks:

Art blocks are an NFT initiative that connects collectors to a network of visually appealing NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Founded in 2021, this initiative intends to empower artists by allowing them to combine digital elements to create unique NFTs utilizing blockchain technology.

It is built on blocks, as the name implies. Before minting ArtBlocks, the artist and NFT customer agree on the alternatives generated by the algorithm. As a result, generative art is highlighted, and customers have yet to learn what NFT they will receive until the very end. The project’s overall trading volume exceeds $1 billion.

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  1. Azuki:

The Garden is a metaverse platform that connects the virtual and physical worlds; Azuki is a collection of 10,000 NFTS that grants investors full membership rights to the Garden. It’s a melting pot where different media forms can find their voice.

The stunning anime-influenced visuals of the NFTs helped propel Azuki to stardom. A lot of hard effort and commitment from the project’s team has also contributed to the widespread adoption of Azuki NFTs as a leading non-fungible token in the metaverse. By buying Azuki grants, you have access to the entire Garden. You’ll also be able to participate in live events, NFT launches, and NFT collaborations with popular streetwear brands.

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Why Haven’t Porsche NFTs Taken Off?

Porsche recently made its Web3 debut with the release of its first Non-Fungible Token [NFT] collection. The collection included 7500 NFTs depicting the popular Porsche 911 sports car, each with a mint price of 0.911 Ether [ETH] or $1490.

However, the minting did not cause Porsche to rise in value. Instead, the floor price of the NFTs fell shortly after the mint. Let’s dig deeper into the decline in Porsche NFT value.

Porsche Mint Price Falling Below Floor Price: 

These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were distributed by the allow list mint in four separate waves. Following that, there was a public mint where purchasers could mint a maximum of three 911 NFTs for themselves. The rollout will occur throughout three stages, with the first stage currently in progress.

It appeared that Phase 3 would be based on rarity, but Porsche has not disclosed much information regarding the upcoming Phase 2. The 911 NFT reportedly has over 150,000 configurations that can be customized, as stated on the official website. Because brand devotees had such high hopes for the collection, there was a lot of speculation and excitement surrounding it.

Despite this, it seemed that sales of NFT coins stabilized within a few hours of the mint opening. Until recently, only 1371 of the 7500 NFTs had been purchased, which means that more than 82% were still available. The collection fared poorly when evaluated using the metrics of the secondary market.

According to data from the OpenSea NFT marketplace, the price at which 911 NFTs could be purchased had fallen to a level lower than their original mint price of 0.911 ETH. On January 23, the floor price reached a high of three ETH at one point, but it has since returned to its initial mint level. The price of the floor has since returned to its original level. The best price for NFT found recently was 0.86 wrapped Ether (wETH), equivalent to $1410.

What are your views on this?

Watch out for the new game “Tearing Spaces” to hook you with its graphics and gameplay

The soon-to-be-released game on Polygon – “Tearing Spaces“, is garnering a lot of buzz from the gaming community. This game is one of the hottest releases this season and features state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay that will keep you coming back again and again.

What is Tearing Spaces?

Tearing Spaces is a 3v3 racing RPG that offers a thrilling mission-based experience, with whoever finishes the mission the shortest time being the winner. Players can equip their NFT weapons to fight enemies, participate in tournaments, and earn rewards for success. The game aims to ensure sustainability by combining the freemium model of web 2 gaming with the tokenomics and earning potential of Web3 gaming.

Gameplay and Features

The game is set on the planet Atus, born out of a goddess of purity and goodness. It wasn’t long before the goddess was at war with other gods for supremacy. This war caused the goddess to be sealed away in a cosmic void until, eventually, she transformed into Atus. But the seal that held Atus in place weakened over time. Gradually the magical power was released. Due to this, cracks began to appear in space-time and became known as Broken Land or ‘Tearing Spaces’.

The game is rooted in the following features:

  • Team Combat: Build strategies to take your team across the line successfully
  • Gameplay: a 3v3 racing animated RPG with high-quality graphics
  • Quality Game design built by veterans in the gaming space
  • Open Gameplay: TS has both Free to Play and Play & Earn modes

Battling it out the in the Tearing Spaces is a lot more interesting with character selection, weapon selection, and talent choice. Players can create their characters to their specifications. They can pick up an NFT weapon like the Abyssal Skeleton to help them fight off the enemy team. Players can also use their unique talents to give themselves that extra edge in battle.

Digital assets

Should you choose to play the game, you will receive rewards in the form of tokens and NFTs. The native token of Tearing Spaces is called $TSG. The governance token is rewarded via playing the game or staking.

The in-game currency called $TSC or Tearing Spaces Coin functions as an earning and spending token inside the ecosystem.

Players can also purchase limited edition NFT Avatars with unique in-game privileges such as exclusive airdrops, access to whitelists, and previews of content only available for Avatar owners. Additionally, Weapon NFTs can be bought to increase your chances of winning in-game prizes. And more surprises are coming your way down the line – Battlefield maps, NFTs and character skins!

The gaming experience is highly enhanced with impeccable graphics and an excellent game design. This is possible since Tearing Spaces is built on Unreal Engine 4 – a popular game engine on which games like PUBG and Rocket League are built. Unreal Engine produces excellent gaming quality and is highly scalable.

Read the whitepaper!

Tearing Spaces is a game still in development but holds immense potential. It offers something new and innovative within the games industry – with features such as NFTs, tokens, and interesting gameplay mechanics. If you’re looking for a new game to try out, give Tearing Spaces a go!

China’s First Nationwide NFT Marketplace To Open Next Week

According to a story published on December 28 by the Chinese news agency Sina News, China will open its first regulated platform for non-fungible token (NFT) trading on January 1, 2023. The Chinese Technology Exchange, the state-owned Art Exhibitions China, and the private corporate entity Huban Digital Copyrights Ltd. established the company to create a secondary market for the trade of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In addition to NFTs, the platform will enable the exchange of copyrights for digital assets. According to one individual familiar with the situation, the initiative aims to regulate and prevent excessive speculation in secondary markets for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Regulation Risk for Digital Assets:

Expert on digital assets and Chinese metaverse developments, Yu Jianing also said in an interview:

“In terms of industry supervision and regulation, digital assets represent a new form of commerce, and much regarding laws, regulations and supervisory policies remains to be refined. Therefore, a deal of uncertainty exists. Platforms have a clear responsibility for the listing and trading of digital assets. Relative to intellectual property rights and digital copyrights, digital assets face a greater risk of regulatory soundness.”

As a result, there is a lot of uncertainty. Companies are in charge of marketing and selling digital assets. Digital assets are more vulnerable to regulatory instability than intellectual property rights and virtual trademarks.

On November 29, the Hangzhou Internet Court, which specializes in network legal conflicts in China, decided that NFTs are valid digital assets with land ownership object attributes such as price, rarity, adaptability, and traceability.

China’s Take on Digital Assets:

Even though cryptocurrency is regarded as a form of electronically created property that is legally protected, the trading of cryptocurrency has been outlawed in China since 2021.

However, NFTs have been very popular among investors in China for the past two years, albeit in a manner that is distinct from that prevalent in the rest of the world. Bitcoins, on the other hand, are considered electronic things rather than NFTs and hence cannot be used to make purchases of non-fungible tokens in China.

However, with the beginning of this event on January 1, 2023, it is apparent that China is taking significant steps to embrace and celebrate the inauguration of the marketplace in Beijing, the country’s capital. This event will take place in Beijing.