Disney Taking an “Aggressive” Approach to NFT and DeFi by Hiring Transaction Lawyer

If you’re a 90s Disney kid or a 21st-century teen who has grown up watching ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ or ‘Shake It Up,’ you’d feel nostalgic to reconnect with our favourite kid’s channel in the Web3 metaverse. Yes – Disney is delving further into non-fictional worlds (NFTs) and the metaverse.

The multinational entertainment corporation recruits a principal counsel with expertise in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the metaverse, blockchain technologies, and decentralized finance. This individual will guide the company through what appears to be its imminent and aggressive push into Web3.

The Walt Disney Company is looking to hire a transaction lawyer to examine future technology prospects, including NFTs, while working at an “accelerated and aggressive timeline,” as stated in a job advertisement on LinkedIn by the entertainment giant on Saturday morning.

In addition, the job description for this position stated that the attorney would “partner with business teams as they plan new global emerging technology projects.” These projects would cover additional fields, such as the metaverse and decentralized banking.

Furthermore, the job post on LinkedIn also mentions the job for a potential transaction lawyer for “Assisting in performing due diligence for NFT, blockchain, third-party marketplace and cloud provider projects, and negotiating and drafting complex agreements for those projects,” 

Here are some pointers on how Disney is slowly making its move to Web3 and the blockchain industry:

  • Deadline reported that during the D23 Expo fan convention of Disney on Sep 10, Disney CEO Bob Chapek mentioned how the entertainment giant is exploring and planning to step into the metaverse. Chapek also mentioned, “We call it next-gen storytelling,” and, “We tend not to use the M word too often because it has a lot of hair on it.”
  • Before this, in June of this year, the Mickey Mouse corporation hired a long-time Apple executive to fill the position of vice president. This was done to follow through with their goals of developing a “Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences.” The following month, an executive responsible for customer experiences was promoted to the executive vice president following the same plan.
  • Furthermore, another piece of news about Disney’s move to Web3 came out last year with the drop of a “Partners” NFT of Walt & Mickey. This NFT was launched on the VeVe app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. 
  • Disney’s awareness of the rising regulatory and legal challenges impacting the cryptocurrency and NFT industries is further evidenced by this hire. According to the job description, the NFT legal czar at Disney will analyze “securities law problems” related to “the promotion and selling of NFTs.”


With various news and updates about Disney moving toward NFTs and blockchain at a steady pace, it is pretty visible that Disney has hired several NFT experts and recruited several cryptocurrency startups for its accelerator program. Yet, despite several recruitment updates, the nature of the company’s Web3 goals remains unclear.

Is NFT Ecosystem Making its Comeback?

During the previous three months, there was a growth of 32.24% in the number of holders of NFTs, contributing to the upward trend.

Due to the participation of well-known musicians and celebrities, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have provided the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the push it required over the previous two years. 

As a result, widespread attention has been garnered. Nevertheless, despite the tremendous losses that NFT investors have sustained due to the prolonged bear market that has lasted for ten months, the ecosystem has shown significant signs of a rebound in the past two weeks.

Let’s talk about the latest growth numbers that the NFT ecosystem has recently seen:

  • Since September 12, the performance of blue-chip NFT collections has been steadily increasing, inching back towards the 10,000 Ether (ETH) that was lost in the middle of August 2022.
  • On September 20, the market capitalization, generated from the floor price and the trading price of NFTs, surged over 16.5% to around 11.25 million ETH. This increase was because the market capitalization was trading at a higher price.
  • The number of NFT holders increased by 32.24% within the same period, corresponding to the market cap breaking through the 11 million ETH barrier for the first time in three months.

The Takeaway:

The nonfungible token (NFT) ecosystem is undeniably back to its growing speed now that there has been a consistent rise in the number of investments in NFTs in recent times.

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What to Expect Post the Ethereum Merge?

The Cryptocurrency industry has witnessed 2022 to be quite an eventful year. We are unquestionably in a bear market, with prices dropping by nearly a trillion dollars and fluctuating wildly.

But the year is far from over still. There is likely more in store for the Cryptocurrency industry. The Ethereum Merge, for example, is promising news that might be seen as a way out of the darkness.

What is the Ethereum Merge?

As the digital and blockchain worlds rapidly develop, thousands of firms and projects in the cutting-edge field of decentralized finance are moving to Ethereum for lending, borrowing, and other complex investment alternatives. In addition, Ethereum is also used as the foundation for a large number of digital valuables like nonfungible tokens, NFTs, etc.

Amongst all this, the Ethereum merge is an advanced approach to changing how Ethereum verifies its transactions. In this Eth Ethereum Merge, the Beacon Chain is Ethereum’s next proof-of-stake consensus layer and aims to integrate with Ethereum’s existing execution layer. With the help of this mage, staking ETH instead of mining for network security reduces energy consumption. As a result, this hugely promising development expects more scalability, security, and longevity in the Ethereum network.

How Will This Bring a Positive Change in the Cryptocurrency Industry?

According to Ethereum, the promising development that the Ethereum merge will introduce is a roadway to significant benefits for projects and investors involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

Some benefits that we can expect post the Ethereum merge are:

  • Adoption of Proof of Stake: Proof of Stake is a more efficient consensus technique regarding the network’s logic. It is obvious how Ethereum’s shift from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake will be a massive benefiting factor for everyone involved in the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Another noteworthy benefit that can be expected post the Ethereum merge is the reduction of Ethereum’s energy consumption by 99.95%. This reduced energy consumption will also be achievable through the transition of Ethereum from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake – shaping into one of the most revolutionary changes in the cryptocurrency industry.
  • Future Scaling Upgrades: With sharding and other future scaling upgrades laying the groundwork for improvements, the Ethereum ecosystem will be better able to prepare and advance itself for the future. Besides, with the cryptocurrency market expanding and evolving, efficient changes and improvements will be the need of the hour for the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Functioning Transformation: Another positive trait that Ethereum merge will bring along is the fundamental transformation of the functioning of Ethereum’s system. As a result, this transformation will serve as a gateway for extensive potential use cases and successful cryptocurrency investment stories. 


While the Ethereum Merge is much-awaited news in 2022, it’s still unclear if its applications will extend beyond the cryptocurrency industry. So let’s wait and see!

Firefly Music Festival set to Release its First-Ever NFT Collection

The largest East Coast camping event, Firefly Music Festival, today announced a partnership with Autograph and AEG Presents to introduce its first-ever NFT collection. Autograph is a Web3 brand co-founded by Tom Brady that, by partnering with the unique event, hopes to give fans special access and experiences to discover during this year’s festival, which will take place September 22-25, 2022, in Dover, Delaware.

As part of the agreement, all festival wristband holders can redeem one of five NFTs. Following this, they will receive various exciting benefits, including a particular entry lane and on-site festival activities. In addition, all festival attendees will have the option to participate in Autograph’s on-site engagement.

Every Firefly Festival wristband bearer may acquire a Firefly Lumina NFT by revealing a unique NFT tier – Mint, Lilac, Coral, Sky, or Dandelion. All they have to do is enter their wristband or ticket number.

Each tier includes a special incentive at this year’s event, such as VIP Weekend Passes, an Exclusive Firefly 10th Anniversary DJ Set with White Panda, Autograph Rooftop Lounge access, Spruce Up Passes, Ferris Wheel Rides, and Autograph x Firefly co-branded items.

Throughout the festival, attendees can visit the Autograph activation to play a unique interactive digital game for an additional on-site experience. To obtain the best festival experience, fans may collect their NFTs in advance by visiting

It is noteworthy that the traditional ticketing system has its share of problems, whether it’s scalping, fake tickets, or illegal reselling. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can remap the present landscape for sporting events, giving safe and efficient entrance to events and increasing value for devoted fans by offering the opportunity for change through verifiable and authentic tickets.

This technology would open the door for venues and leagues to collaborate to provide “dynamic tickets.” These might be digital passes that update as they are utilized and provide extra benefits such as NFT airdrops, access to unique products, or free food and beverage coupons.