‘Back the Buidlers’ brings together a houseful of builders and supporters

Blockchained India continues to unite the greatest minds in the Web3 space, and this time through their Back the Buidlers unconference.

On December 3, Back the Buidlers welcomed a global community of builders, investors, and supporters at Marriott, Bangalore. The unconference was aimed at assisting builders with the best strategies to make it right in the bear market.

Organizer and Quick Glimpse

Back the Buidlers was hosted by Blockchained India and OG Club, together with Metapolis, the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-service platform, and CoinDCX, India’s largest crypto exchange.

It was supported by Drife, Token Amigo, Polkadex, GoSats, Riva Metaverse, My Own Internet, and Scrappy Squirrels.

The event was filled with much-needed and important discussions, networking sessions, and of course a gala dinner and music by the poolside. 

It marked the presence of key players from the industry who interacted with builders and guided, mentored, and supported them to thrive in the bear market.

“It lights me up to see the ecosystem has come so far without any support from the government or big institutions. Speaks a lot to the thought that nobody can stop an idea whose time has come. Together, the ecosystem has made so much happen and I see the future to be even brighter” – Akshay Aggarwal, Draper Dragon

The unconference continues gaining popularity among top Web3 professionals and enthusiasts because of its exceptional niche networking. 

Event Recap

The stage opened with a keynote address by Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada, Co-founder and CEO of Metapolis, who shared his vision of the metaverse, real myths, and giant opportunities. He added – 

“Back the Buidlers unconference has been an amazing platform for us to engage with the right stakeholders to bring the Metaverse vision to the next generation of change-makers and other ecosystem partners” 

This was followed by an excellent panel on “Investing strategies in the bear market.” The panel included investors like Rohit Jain from CoinDCX Ventures, Akshay Aggarwal from Draper Dragon, Aditya Saraf from Spartan, and Ankur Choudhary from Woodstock Fund. It was moderated by Sameer Malik from Token Amigo. 

With the changing market sentiments, the panel discussed various strategies and the KPIs (key performance indicators) that investors are focussing on. 

Yet another panel excited the audience with a fantastic topic– “Survival of the fittest: How to build strong companies in the bear market.” It was moderated by Akshay Aggarwal from Draper Dragon, with Mohan Kuldeep Ponnada from Metapolis, Gautham J. from Polkadex, Firdosh Sheikh from Drife, and Sameep Singhania from QuickSwap as speakers. 

The panel highlighted the need to not just build but “build a product that solves real user problems.” They also advised the audience to be choosy when launching a token and only launch it with a fantastic utility to it.

This was followed by the final session on “Myths and realities of building in the bear market” with Anantha R. Krishnan from MOI Protocol, Jagdish Pandya from Riva Metaverse, and Roshan from GoSats. The panel was moderated by Subhendu from OG Club. The experts shared the right approach to building for the new builders, which includes figuring out what the problem is and why Web3 is the key to solving this problem and then start building.


The unconference concluded with a high-class networking event at the Marriott poolside.

“Blockchained India did a fantastic job of getting together a relevant and highly curated group of people and facilitated meaningful conversations through both structured panels and informal interactions.” – Rohit Jain, CoinDCX Ventures

Experts are bullish and expect the next crypto year to be promising, while Blockchained India will continue to organize more such initiatives to help the industry prosper.

About Blockchained India:

Blockchained India is the largest and oldest Web3 community in India. It has supported budding Web3 startups in the ecosystem since the beginning. Now, the community focuses towards the widespread adoption of Web3.

Former US President Donald Trump launches his NFT collection

Mr. Trump created a whirlwind on crypto Twitter (and beyond) when he established an online store selling $99 digital trading cards. Here he projected himself as a superhero, an astronaut, an Old West sheriff, and a variety of other fantasy personas. This is his first substantial public move since launching his presidential campaign in 2024 last month.

The collection is a set of NFT trading cards that promise to come with real-world rewards for customers, such as an invitation to a gala dinner with Trump or a meet-and-greet with the former US president.

On Thursday, former President Trump’s Truth Social account launched the ‘Collect Trump Cards’ campaign, offering digital trading cards minted on the Polygon blockchain. These digital collectibles come at $99 each and grant the purchaser access to sweepstakes to win various bonuses and rewards. The digital trading cards are just the latest offering in a series of digital asset technology innovations, allowing collectors an entirely new way to experience the joy of collection and kinship with like-minded fans.

Other celebrities that launched their NFTs

From artwork to music CDs and everything in between, artists, musicians, athletes, and dream-chasers are all selling their unique, non-replicable creations to those with the finances and willingness to scoop them up.

Snoop Dogg, Grimes, and Tony Hawk are just a few celebrities that have jumped on the NFT bandwagon and created their non-fungible tokens.

Lindsay Lohan, actress of “Mean Girls,” is no stranger to NFTs, having issued her token on Rarible in February 2021, which sold for $50,000.

Grimes, a Canadian singer, is somewhat of an NFT sensation, having sold about $6 million in digital artworks. Grimes has become one of the bestselling NFT creators because of her WarNymph collection of ten pieces, some of which are one-of-a-kind and others that come in sets of thousands.

Steph Curry’s ‘Curryverse’ Will Enable Fans to Earn Free NFTs

Steph Curry, a superstar in the National Basketball Association (NBA), filed a trademark application for the term “Curryverse” on October 26 in what appears to be an attempt to bring his take on the Metaverse to the NBA’s 650 million fans.

Stephen Curry, a professional basketball player, recently filed a trademark application for initiating “Curryverse.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Legal counsel representing Curry, the point guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, has filed a trademark application covering various digital assets and services delivered in the Metaverse, according to Attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property, as reported by
  • The services listed in the patent application filed on October 26 include “personal and virtual and metaversal appearances by a professional basketball player, philanthropist, business person, entertainer, actor and producer” and “providing online games in which players can earn non-fungible tokens, digital tokens, or application tokens.” Among the other services to be offered, “online games” are specifically mentioned, with participants having the opportunity to acquire “non-fungible, digital tokens, or application tokens” for use in a decentralized marketplace.
  • According to information from the World Intellectual Property Organization’s IP portal, the application’s status is “Live/Pending” as of November 1.
  • According to the entry, it will take about three months from filing for a new application to be assigned to an examining attorney.

Athletes Stepping Into the NFT Market:

Athletes and leagues are increasingly venturing into the NFT market and Metaverse in search of new money streams. Thus this latest development is timely. The Premier League, England’s highest professional soccer division, is preparing to form a collaboration with NFT fantasy soccer game Sorare that might be valued at over £30 million ($34.6 million) annually.

The possible multi-year agreement will allow the 20 clubs in the Premier League to sell NFTs with digital likenesses of star players like Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane, and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland.

The NBA, Curry’s division, has also profited from the proliferation of sports-themed NFTs. NBA Top Shot is an officially licensed virtual trading card platform. This platform is developed on the FLOW blockchain by Dapper Labs, the same firm responsible for CryptoKitties. Short films of memorable slam dunks, three-pointers, and other thrilling game occurrences (together known as “Moments”) make up NBA Top Shot NFTs, which reportedly surpassed a market cap of $1.1 billion in March 2022.

Metaverse School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo

The metaverse is expanding in an unfathomable space, and various industries all over the world are incorporating them. The metaverse is slowly taking over the real world by giving the users the freedom of interacting with the real world virtually by staying at home. 

This growth is evident in The University of Tokyo’s plan to open a Metaverse School of Engineering next month. In the Metaverse School, students such as junior and senior high school students and also the working adults will be able to attend lectures and events virtually. 

The Metaverse School of Engineering

The Metaverse School by the University of Tokyo aims to foster human resources in digital technology fields to increase the number of female students who want to learn and work in engineering and information technology fields. According to the university, they expect to attract over 100,000 participants. 

The Metaverse allows users to participate regardless of location, and this feature will help the university in building a global system to attract people all over the world to learn engineering and information technology. 

The opening ceremony for the metaverse school will be held on September 23rd in a virtual replica of the university’s Yasuda Auditorium. The teaching staff and guests will attend the ceremony using their avatars, which are digital depictions of themselves. 

The junior and senior high school students can attend the school’s lectures for free, in which they will learn about digital technologies and entrepreneurship. The classes will also include laboratory tours and exchange events. Moreover, the school will proactively offer information about the careers of women in various fields to encourage female students. 

Prof. Takao Someya, an expert on semiconductor engineering who serves as the dean of the metaverse school, said,

“I want to foster human resources who can resolve various social tasks with digital technologies and increase their numbers to an unimaginable level.”

The metaverse school will be a game changer for the education industry as the virtual world imagined in the fiction games and movies inches closer to becoming a reality. 

Decentraland is hosting its Third Metaverse Art Week

The metaverse is expanding at an unbelievable rate, with mainstream brands and companies creating their own virtual experiences in the metaverse. Some top players, such as Decentraland, are the pioneers in the metaverse space and provide these brands with a place to interact with their customers. 

However, the metaverse does not only serve the brands and the consumer as it is also a great opportunity for the creators to explore. For instance, Decentraland is hosting its third Metaverse Art Week that will focus on metaverse evolution and human-nature relationships. The theme for the art week is chosen to be The World is Made of Code and will focus on the relationship between man and nature and how it affects the evolution of the metaverse. 

About The Event 

The art week will showcase the intricacies of the theme using different mediums such as NFT exhibitions, art designs, discussion panels, live performances and so on. While Art Week is a metaverse event being hosted on Decentraland, it will see contributions from SuperRare and OpeSea, who will showcase some of the top works from the previous year.

Apart from that, the event will also showcase Cash Labs exhibiting mixed-media pieces along with contributions from top NFT creators such as Damien Hirst, Estee Lauder and Justin Aversan. Apart from exhibiting different art mediums, the event will also encourage discussion and development of democratized creativity in the metaverse. 

“We believe that the future of the internet should be built by decentralized communities who do not seek to profit off of user data, imagination, and creativity. This year’s Art Week is a love letter to what the next generation of artists are doing in the metaverse,”

Sam Hamilton, the Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation

It would be interesting to see what this Art Week will bring to the industry and how it will affect the metaverse space.