Lisk Invests $1 Million in Lisk-Focused Blockchain Incubator

Image courtesy of Lisk.

In an effort led by Lisk’s community members, the first-ever Lisk-based blockchain incubator, Elite Center, was announced in China earlier this month.

A Xiamen-based Incubator Created and Funded by Lisk

The initiative was kickstarted with a $1 million investment from Lisk which regularly encourages its community to be creative in its endeavors. The incubator held its inaugural conference in Xiamen and welcomed many guests from all around the country — from Lisk delegates to Wu Zilong, a Xiamen-based Bitcoin evangelist, blockchain investment institutions, media outlets, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Elite Center is led by Luiz, a community member, and Lisk delegate. The initiative came from the so-called Elite Group which has focused on raising awareness on Lisk and sharing investment opportunities on Lisk-based projects with Lisk supporters.

Incubees Can Set Up Shop at Elite Center’s Headquarters

The incubator opened a 500 square meter office in Xiamen which will serve as a base of operations for the group, as well as for the chosen ‘incubees’. Apart from office space, projects will have at their disposal additional services, such as project managers and recruitment services.

The project aims to help blockchain companies surpass the various obstacles stand in their way. Elite Center plans on providing professional training to these enterprises, with topics ranging from entrepreneurship counseling to community management, marketing training, and public relations.

Lisk is Slowly but Steadily Paving Its Path

Although no names have been mentioned, Lisk announced the incubator is already eyeing two projects. Following the release of the Lisk’s SDK, the initiative expects to work with at least five blockchain projects within the next six-month period.

Lisk has been having quite the month, even if it’s following can’t compare to that of Ethereum or NEO, it’s direct competitors. The popular Trezor wallets finally added support for LSK, and OKEx added the trading pairs LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH, and LSK/USD.

All the Elite Center needs to wait for now is the launch of Lisk’s SDK so it can get started — without it, no Lisk-based projects can really work.

Crypto is coming.

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