Huobi Global To Apply for a Crypto Trading License in Hong Kong

In recent tweet, H.E. Justin Sun, the advisor at Huobi Global, announced that the company would be applying for a crypto trading licence in Hong Kong. 

With this approach to the crypto world, Huobi Global will solidify its position as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, particularly in Hong Kong. As a result, by operating in a legitimate and regulated manner, the platform promises to give additional security to its traders and investors.

The Crypto Trading Permit:

As stated in a recent tweet by H.E. Justin Sun, Huobi’s new license will allow the company to increase its service and product offerings to clients in Hong Kong. Because of the license, the site can provide its consumers a broader selection of cryptocurrency trading and investment tools.

With this licensing news comes the announcement that Huobi would create a new exchange in Hong Kong, also called Huobi Hong Kong. The exchange will provide consumers with various trading pairs and services while adhering to all applicable local laws and requirements.

The new Hong Kong exchange will cater to institutional investors and HNWIs by offering a full suite of trading services. It advertises the market place as a safe and reliable place for huge Asian investors to trade cryptocurrencies.

This licencing approach by Huobi Global is great news for traders and investors who want a secure environment to buy, sell, and keep their digital assets.

Hubo Global:

Huobi Global, ranked eighth on ConiMarketCap’s best cryptocurrency spot exchanges list, is a cryptocurrency exchange that specializes on trading and managing crypto assets. When the company’s founders, Leon Li and Jun Du, founded it in 2013, their primary goal was to use blockchain’s powers to transform banking.

The organization has matured over the past decade into a trustworthy marketplace for trading assets. Huobi worldwide, headquartered in the Seychelles with more than 200 Regional Service Centers, serves a user base of over 10 million with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,919,975,949.

Spot trading, derivative trading, and staking are all viable options for making money on Huobi Global. The Huobi Token (HT) is one of their native tokens that may be traded on the platform. This cryptocurrency exchange provides various services, making it a trusted and preferred option among many traders. 

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UniLend Finance: Huge Price sours and Huobi Listing ahead of its V2 Launch

UFT/USDT Trading Pair now listed on Huobi Global

On September 30, UniLend Finance announced the successful listing of their token UFT on Huobi Global Exchange via the UFT/ USDT trading pair. 

In addition to being listed on Binance, GateIO, Uniswap and many major exchanges, the UFT tokens got listed on Huobi Global Exchange. Huobi Global Exchange is one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges with supporting over 1000 trading pairs and more than 600 cryptocurrencies. Increasing UFT exposure to Huobi’s hundreds of million users and bringing them to the world of permissionless borrowing and lending.

A closer look at what V2 has to offer

UniLend Finance is building multichain permissionless lending and borrowing protocol for All ERC20 tokens. UniLend is currently undergoing a major protocol update that will allow anyone to start lending and borrowing any ERC20 token just like anyone can start trading any token on a decentralized exchange (DEX) without approval/permission. Their vision is to act as a Futuristic Base Layer for all DeFi applications. 

UniLend Finance’s V2 brings the dual asset pools for lending & borrowing with price feed oracles and gas optimization. It also lists features like Flexible Lending, Flash Loans, Non-Fungible Liquidity, Concentrated Liquidations, On Chain Price Feed, Security and a Seamless User Experience. UniLend v2 mission is to “Make Every Digital Asset Productive”

As per the blog released by the team, UniLend v2 Code is already live on Github. Emphasising the importance of the security of the protocol,  V2 smart contracts are audited by two leading blockchain auditors, PeckShield and Slowmist followed by a Multi-Tier Bug bounty program with developers platform ImmuneFi.

Bullish Sentiment on Binance

With being listed on Huobi Global and long-awaited UniLend’s V2 upgrade approaching its launch, UFT price skyrocketed to 130% over the last month to a six-month high, gaining huge volume on Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange.

The Path Forward

With V2, an era of a new financial system will impact the lives of billions of people with inclusion into DeFi. With more than 100 partners in the space, ongoing developments remain a top priority as the team continues to empower the DeFi ecosystem as it gets closer to deploying its eagerly anticipated protocol. With this significant protocol development, UniLend will be able to tap into the over $500 billion cryptocurrency market cap, holding its fundamental belief to keep a user-first philosophy at the centre of all its developments.

Having launched and witnessed phenomenal growth for V1 with 25+ asset lending pools and $50 million worth of Flash Loans utilised across 4 major blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Moonriver, UniLend is all set for V2, keeping its community at the heart of their development.

The top 15 ICOs in terms of funds raised….and ROI

The ICO craze of 2017 was just that…crazy. We saw projects raise tens of millions of dollars in seconds, sometimes hundreds of millions in under an hour. This year we saw the first Billion dollar raises come from EOS and Telegram. EOS did this before they even had a functioning product and ran their public ICO for over a year, while Telegram reached their goal mostly through private sales to accredited investors and institutions. Regardless of which method they chose, these companies want to get your money, and as investors the only thing that should matter is return on investment (ROI).

Below we can take a look at the top 15 biggest ICOs in terms of funds raised, the type of project they are and what ROI they have given investors up to this point.

visual from @ico_analytics. *Tezos price has been extremely volatile lately so ROI may differ.

From looking at this chart we can see that relative to smaller ICOs, large fundraising sums hasn’t necessarily correlated with great returns. Don’t get me wrong, even these ROIs make the risk/reward heavily weighted towards reward, you can only lose 100%, but make many multiples of that. That said, it will be interesting to see how these tokens and protocol coins hold up over time if the liquidity crunch continues in the crypto markets. Stay safe out there.


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EOS BPs heavily controlled by exchanges (2 from Huobi) and other potential issues

EOS has recently come under fire recently from critics arguing that they could be leaving exchanges vulnerable to hacks as well as for their consensus protocol and Network constitution. Adding to our recent series of posts on EOS, Nic Carter did a quick recap of the current 21 EOS block producers filtering them by organization, % of stake, affiliation with any cryptocurrency institution, geographical legal jurisdiction and any miscellaneous note that could prove relevant. This could prove useful to keep track of centralization in terms of consensus and governance for this new project.

As you can see from looking that the BPs, they seem heavily weighted towards China (29%) with a lot of exchange influence (Huobi figuring prominently with 2 BPs). Another issue is that EOS Dac conducted an airdrop which could be misconstrued as a form of bribe to voters as well as 1 completely unknown BP, Zbeosbp11111.

Let us know know if you have any information that could update this chart, or hit him up on twitter with corrections. Sources for the chart can be found here and here.

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How much do Crypto Exchanges make in revenue *every single day? Graphic

Great graphic from showing the top crypto exchanges in terms of revenue.

Talk about printing money. Forget shitcoin trading, investing in an exchange was the best move to make during this cryptocurrency craze. Binance, only one year after its launch, is generating $3.5 million in revenue…PER DAY!!! Not sure you could even print money that fast. Coming in second is Korean exchange UPbit with $3.42 million per day. Rounding out the top 5 are Huobi, Bittrex (yup, even with all the declining volume) and Bithumb. And last but not least, Poloniex with $0.07 million per day. Things sure do change fast in the cryptosphere. A year ago Poloniex was top dog, dominating altcoin trading, and not 12 months later has fallen 20 spots.


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