Opera Launching A Browser With Built-In Crypto Wallet Functionality

Opera has announced that it is launching a new Android based browser that will incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet directly in the software. The browser will support the Ethereum Web3 API, and this function means that users will no longer have to open a separate browser to send and receive payments or check their crypto balance. The new feature will be available in the Opera Android browser used on mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Opera Web 3.0 Phones

Opera Crypto product lead, Charles Hamel, released a statement that said “By becoming the first major browser to open up to Web 3.0, we would like to contribute to making the internet of the future more accessible.”

This isn’t the first move Opera has made towards web 3.0 integration. Their desktop browser security has been improved to protect against more than 50 cryptojackers and they even updated the built-in currency converter to include a number of major cryptocurrencies.

Beta Testing

The new crypto wallet enabled Android browser has been made available to Beta testers today, which means that it could be available as an app very soon.

Huawei Pre-Installed Crypto Wallets

Opera isn’t the only company in the mobile space that is trying to advance their cryptocurrency offering. Huawei announced that they would be incorporating built-in crypto wallets in the launch of future phones, while users of older models can now download and install wallets from their app store. Huawei is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in China, which has recently performed something of a u-turn in crypto policy by releasing a monthly, updated ranking of the top currencies, despite having earlier banned all crypto purchases and investment.

HTC Pre-Installed “Cold” Wallet

In other mobile crypto news, HTC has announced that its blockchain phone, the upcoming Exodus, will come with Cryptokitties pre-loaded on the device. HTC has also claimed that the phone will have a cold wallet installed, although this is a contentious issue – a cold wallet offers secure, offline storage, and it seems unlikely that the Exodus will operate solely offline so it is unclear how any mobile wallet will offer cold storage options.

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