Cardano enters Ai with robot Grace bringing more utility to’s purpose!

Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence are two pioneer technologies. While blockchain technology aims to revolutionize the financial world, AI aims to make the lives of humans easier by automating services. The combination of the two technologies will instill a new era of modern science. 

Cardano aims to do just that by integrating Artificial Intelligence into its robust blockchain network in the form of Grace. Cardano is a revolutionary blockchain network that offers a greener, faster and cheaper alternative to the Ethereum Network. Cardano will offer its scalable blockchain network to improve Grace’s performance. 

Grace is an AI robot developed by Awakening Health, a joint venture between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET. The AI robot Grace is designed to work in critical scenarios, such as Covid-19, and to monitor and diagnose isolated patients. Grace mirrors human emotions, measures responsiveness, and checks temperatures using a thermal camera to create a diagnosis. 

The introduction of robotics and AI in blockchain technology will bring a new era of innovation in the healthcare industry as it helps automate the services that can be prone to human error such as data monitoring and storage. Moreover, it will be pivotal in situations such as Covid-19 where human contact cannot always be possible. Blockchain-powered robotics, such as Grace, can handle the situation with ease and proficiency and help save lives., a Cardano-based healthcare project is making big strides in the industry. utilizes blockchain technology, NFTs, AI, and Big Data to support an incentivized digital disease health registry with self-sovereign identification. the pioneer of AI and Big Data

Immunify. life is a revolutionary platform that aims to change the way medical institutions record and share healthcare data. The platform has designed a user-friendly app where patients can store their digital identity and all healthcare information. The app also comes with a wallet function and an interest-bearing savings account. aim to provide access to quality medical care with a thoroughly maintained record using the power of artificial intelligence and Big Data. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence and Big Data to develop an efficient model of data handling and processing to eliminate human error and incompetencies seen throughout the global healthcare industry. has partnered with LTI • NSE Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd, a publicly listed company, 12+billion in market cap with clients such as Johnson & Johnson and the NHS (the publicly funded health system in the UK), to enable their AI Leni to streamline pharmaceutical trials and generate insights at speed. This partnership provides a world-leading functional AI and enables to rapidly expand into the $22 billion government AI market and $44 billion pharmaceutical data markets. is powered by the token which is a Cardano Native Token built on the Cardano network. The token is used for transactions among patients and service providers, and others. 

The combination of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence has given birth to many new use cases and has optimized different industries all over the world including healthcare. This step taken by Cardano to experiment with AI will bring more utility to projects such as and initiate a global healthcare revolution.

Decentralized Applications Making a Difference – Zoreum

Blockchain startups are starting to flourish. Blockchain technology is starting to establish Web 3.0 which is far more decentralized and transparent.

Cryptoiscoming explores more on Zoreum – a startup’s venture into Blockchain and it’s revolutionary decentralized applications.

Zoreum – BaaS Solution

Zoreum a Singapore based startup with a skilled set of developers are developing decentralized applications to better the world we live in, with a focus on authenticity, speed and security. Its changing the way technology is better used with Blockchain as a Service – BaaS.

Decentralized applications better known as dApps run on a P2P network of computers rather than a single computer. It gives the power back to the people, as it’s not controlled by a single entity.

The co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Zoreum Labs, RamKrishna in an exclusive chat to Cryptoiscoming spoke about how Blockchain is changing the world.

“Blockchain is taking the next step in making the world a better place, with the technology and capabilities it provides.”

Co-Founder and COO of Zoreum – RamKrishna

RamKrishna explained one of the dApps Zoreum is working on, called AsliMedicine. AsliMedicine in Hindi translates to Real Medicine and that’s exactly what it is helping to provide.

AsliMedicine is utilizing Blockchain to trace medicines along the supply chain to ensure it’s genuinity. It is solving the heightened problem of fake medicines which has emerged as a deathly problem especially amongst people who are not aware of this rising issue.

The dApp called AsliMedicine will allow buyers of medicines, to scan the label on the drug’s packing to reveal information about the medicine. If the drug is fake, no details will be flashed on the dApp as it blocks dubious entities to be part of the decentralized application platform.

Decentralization’s Answer to Healthcare Sector

The Guardian reports 250,000 children die a year through fake drugs intended to treat malaria and pneumonia. Even vaccinations important for a child to grow healthy such as hepatitis is seen to be counterfeited. Thus a service like AsliMedicine is bound to reduce this drastic problem which many fake pharmaceutical companies are trying to take advantage.

Companies like Zoreum are taking the step forward in ensuring Blockchain is utilized in the best manner possible in healthcare industry.

MDW Partners With Bitfury and Longenesis

The Bitfury Group and Longenesis announced a partnership with Medical Diagnostic Web (MDW) to deliver next-generation healthcare blockchain. The merger aims to bring new implementations in blockchain technology to MDW’s growing radiology marketplace.

The three platforms aim to achieve all this by combining Bitfury’s blockchain technology, Longenesis’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) blockchain capabilities and MDW’s radiology marketplace.

What is MDW?

MDW is the first decentralized radiology blockchain platform built to connect all players in the medical imaging ecosystem. The platform’s blockchain technology allows MDW to efficiently connect diagnostic imaging ecosystems to create an open, transparent and fair marketplace. The platform allows radiologists to contract with imaging facilities and securely share patient data and medical images i.e. X-rays and CT scans.

MDW also plays a major role in helping solve many of today’s medical imagine problems. The solutions have positively affected service access and delivery, results communication and integration across the continuum of care.

MDW’s CEO and Co-founder Michael Averbach believes that its merger with these two industry innovators will allow MDW marketplace to provide the most advanced healthcare blockchain technology available today. Michael stated that:

“Our new hybrid private/public blockchain will provide the best of both worlds, a transparent and flexible yet protected and secure environment for medical data. We believe that together our advanced technologies will pave the way for a new quality standard in healthcare blockchain.’’

Blockchain Tech Meets Healthcare

According to Bitfury, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company, the new partnership will set new industry standards for healthcare blockchain implementation. The company’s CEO Valery Vavilov stated that;

“Blockchain technology can strengthen patient data security by providing a tamper-proof record of patient history while simultaneously providing an avenue for doctors to more easily share information. The digitization of trust that blockchain offers, paired with the medical potential of AI algorithms, has the ability to revitalize medical systems all over the world.”

Garri Zmudze, the CEO of Longenesis also had this to say concerning the collaboration; “A complete life data storage ecosystem should be transparent, smart and equipped with advanced cryptography tools. Thus, this is the blend we are building.”

Longenesis is the paramount merge of blockchain excellence of proprietary AI from Insilico Medicine and Bitfury that delivers the worlds most advanced and secure platform for life data storage. Crypto Is Coming!

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