Growth in Ethereum’s Social Dominance Before the Merge: What Does It Mean?

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum Merge of 2022 was the most anticipated event of the year. Even though the merge has already occurred, it is still important to talk about because of the hype and changes in the cryptocurrency and Ethereum market since the merge. These modifications were announced on September 15. 

Although this merger was in and of itself a noteworthy event intended to usher in a new era for the second largest blockchain in the crypto world, thereby bolstering its foundations, the shifts and rise in Ethereum’s social dominance began much earlier in time. Hence, if we look back to when the merge was still awaited, it won’t be wrong to say that this merge was merely the catalyst for these developments.

The Monthly Forecast of Ethereum’s Social Dominance Growth:

As the Ethereum merge was coming close, as it was set to take place on September 15, the market capitalization started climbing.

One of the most prominent and attention-worthy aspects of Ethereum’s market capitalization was the rise in its social dominance. According to statistics, Ethereum increased by +23.79% in just one month by March 13, when it stood at 13%.19%.

On the other hand, September 14 showed that social mentions of Ethereum had increased by 9.7% over the previous week, while sociEthereum’sents had increased by 34% over the same period.

What is Ethereum Merge?

Ethereum, released in 2015, improved upon the fundamental ideas behind Bitcoin by introducing smart contracts, which are essentially computer programs that record data on Ethereum’s network by utilizing blockchain technology. This was an improvement over Bitcoin, which was released in 2009. Moreover, this upgrade served as the primary aspect involved in decentralized exchange-traded funds (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), primarily focused on Ethereum’s proof-of-work system.

Now, the Ethereum Merge that just took place was an event that everyone has been looking forward to since the beginning of 2022. Since it announced the change of the proof-of-work system with the proof-of-stake system, it was expected to extend the benefits to ETH businesses and holders. 

Simply put, this system, which has now been launched as of September 15, is intended to be a more effective consensus method concerning the logic of the network. Its scalability, security, and endurance within the Ethereum network promise this effectiveness, which has helped this potentially game-changing advancement garner the trust of the crypto community and businesses.

Zilliqa’s new project making waves, as evident from the increased Google Searches

Zilliqa has been making waves in the crypto world by successfully implementing sharding as a scaling solution ahead of Ethereum. While other projects are still dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, Zilliqa is already establishing a stronghold. 

Surge of Interest

Zilliqa’s ZIL value rose higher in 2021, which can be attributed to some of the features that Zilliqa Ecosystem offers. One of the features that have an increased hype is Zilswap, a Decentralized Exchange. 

Zilswap is the main selling point of the Zilliqa Ecosystem as it pushes the ideology of decentralized finance and enables the users to trade using digital assets. Designed by Switcheo developers, Zillswap is an automated market maker identical to Uniswap in functionalities. Zilswap users can directly exchange ZIL and ZRC tokens from their wallets or add new tokens as market makers using a liquidity pool. 

Zilliqa Ecosystem

Zilliqa Ecosystem has a close working collaboration with Poly Network that enables Zilliqa Chain to transit through chains connecting Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum, and Binance. The ecosystem leverages these features on ZilSwap to link ZRC-2 assets ERC20/BEP20/NEP5 with Zilliqa. 

Zilliqa collaborated with XCADEMY in February to achieve a blockchain economy and helped content creators monetize their content through tokenization. XCADEMY, in turn, uses Zilliqa to establish a token economy with the help of content developers’ involvement in launching the Zilliqa blockchain. 

Zilliqa Network’s Latest Development 

Zilliqa recently collaborated with several prominent footballers and helped them gain entry into the world of Blockchain. This collaboration was accepted with great enthusiasm as Twitter flooded with tweets mentioning the trending hashtag #ZILForTheWin and #ZilliqaFootballStars. 

The company also announced Zilliqa Capital Pte. Ltd’s official launch. Zilliqa Capital will strategically invest in crypto assets such as utility token ZIL and other blockchain companies. The company’s main objective is to become a permanent capital and invest in decentralized and fintech solutions as an investor, asset manager, insurance provider, etc. 

This launch will bring more investors as Zilliqa is upping their game and providing more services using Zilliqa Pillar Protocol, expected to launch in June. 

Zilliqa is constantly adding more products to its already comprehensive list of services and helping blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem go mainstream. 


Guy J House Producer Sells Token Representing New Track’s Royalties for 40 ETH

Guy J, who is a house producer, has sold an NFT offering 50% of the royalties coming from the streaming from an exclusive single to token buyers.

A news article on Cointelegraph said that music streaming platform Rocki, which is crypto powered, sold its first royalties. Guy J did it through royalty income right NFT. It is a token system, where the buyer gets a 50% share of the royalties generated from a streaming track. 

The house producer of the Malta-based progressive house Guy J has issued the token system titled Cotton Eyes. It is an ERC-721 royalty income auctioned with an ERC-1155. The listening rights tokens let the winning bidder stream songs for free. 

Red Pill Finance is a publisher of financial literacy, had put up this tweet on Guy J selling token for the royalties for buyers.

The tokens were sold on for 40 Ether that is a decentralized auction protocol. They were worth more than $25000 yesterday as ETH hit a new high in 2020. Guy J said that the concept made him intrigued. 

Guy J has been excited about getting involved with new technologies infused in music. Besides, the services provide artists revenue streams, enabling them to have a more fan base. Bjorn Niclas, the Rocki CEO and co-founder added that the royalties give a new dimension for artists’ revenues besides engaging fans. 

The size of the audience does not matter because they can capitalize on an existing fan base. Now with the NFTs, artists can move ahead flawlessly. The platform has seen more than 25000 tracks getting uploaded by thousands of artists who want to use the opportunity. 

The platform has not yet launched a public Beta access. It is a new development for the music industry that has been badly affected due to the pandemic. Now, artists can use the token system and sell their music for decent rates and engage better with more fans. 

An excellent example of that would be electronic artist deadmau5 partnering two token launches past week. On December 16th, deadmau5 inaugurated collectible tokens on WAX Blockchain. The 10 NFTs were priced at $9.99, and 30 tokens packs sold for $28.40.