Elon Musk Hackers Are Back With A Different Scam Strategy

Hackers are at it again and this time changing their tactics to lure more people into their scam. According to reports, hackers involved in the Elon Musk crypto scam have made a comeback. This time, however, they are using spoof version of popular websites.

The hackers are using the websites to show pop up ads that are claiming to give free Bitcoin and Ethereum.  According to reports, many websites including The Daily Telegraph website have been affected by this latest hack.

First Elon Musk Crypto Scam

Previously, the Elon Musk crypto scam hijacked verified Twitter accounts and changed them to look like versions of Tesla boss Musk’s account. The hackers used this accounts to scam members of the public about $100,000 worth of bitcoin. Using the accounts, they posted messages that Musk was leaving his role at Tesla and was giving away cryptocurrencies to mark the occasion. The messages stated that to qualify for the cryptocurrencies, one had to send a small amount of Bitcoin first.

Many people fell for the trap and send their bitcoins to the hackers. It is yet unclear how many people have fallen victims of their latest scam. However, crypto owners have been advised to take caution before sending their cryptocurrencies. They should note that neither Musk nor websites like Telegram are giving away free cryptocurrencies.

Scammers use celebrities

Even with social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and the like blocking crypto add and other crypto related activities, hackers are still finding ways to penetrate the systems. Some have gone to the extent of using celebrities to advertise their scam projects. Recently, DJ Khaled and prominent boxer Floyd Mayweather paid a fine of about $750,000 for adverting a fraudulent cryptocurrency. The two used their Twitter account, Instagram and other accounts on the social network to advertise Centra.

The two were paid to promote the coin which ended up scamming investors millions in the process. The Securities and Exchanges Commission agreed to have Mayweather and DJ Khaled pay a fine instead of taking criminal charges against them because they believe the two celebrities were equally deceived by Centra organizers.

With each new day, hackers and scammers are looking for more devious and undetectable ways to steal money or digital currencies from individuals. This is why authorities are trying their best to set regulations for the cryptocurrency space.CRYPTO IS COMING!

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