Syndicate Protocol Creates 450 new DAO’s in Three Weeks

Decentralized autonomous organizations are changing the way we think about how organizations work, and how they may work in the future. Because of their unique structure, DAOs offer the promise of enabling a focus on community, rather than just profit, and might offer a more socially conscious structure. Realizing DAOs in the real world will require overcoming significant hurdles but the motivation to organize companies differently exists, and the potential benefits are undeniable. 

Companies using DAO platforms to compartmentalize and automate certain parts of their business can achieve fast scalability and be leaner without sacrificing the quality of service. However, there are a few obstacles that make a true DAO difficult to achieve, for now. The idea of a self-governing system requires increasing degrees of complexity with each passing day. Businesses are not getting any simpler, and so a properly self-governing DAO has much more to consider when it comes to smooth, fair operation. While these facts unwind, Syndicate Protocol took a spotlight on the international scene, creating 450 new DAO’s within a short time frame.

What to know About Syndicate

Syndicate, a DAO creation platform that has landed investments from A13Z and Coinbase Ventures, among others is an organization with a goal to democratize investing by allowing groups to establish decentralized investment structures. It automates the process on-chain, allowing anyone to set up an investing DAO in under a minute for just the cost of gas. DAOs can also plug in compliance tooling, to help keep everything in accordance with regulations. Blockchain-based investing protocol Syndicate claims that 10% of all decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) in existence have been created on its platform in less than three weeks of operation.

Let’s keep the Wine bottles Open

It’s a big feat for Syndicate as it could not hold back how overwhelmed it is. Will Papper, co-founder of Syndicate explained to Cointelegraph just recently that the project had created 450 investment clubs as DAOs, which is just a little bit over 10% of the “best estimates” of 4227 DAOs in existence, based on DeepDAO’s metrics and figures reported in Forbes. The milestone in Syndicate’s journey may indicate that the DAO governance structure will become more common in blockchain and beyond.

The gold rush of new organizations at Syndicate indicates that the DAO governance structure has gained popularity since their broad introduction to the crypto mainstream just a couple of years ago. Currently, the two top DAOs are BitDAO (BIT) and Uniswap (UNI). Uniswap DAO was formed in 2020 and BitDAO in 2021. They now command a collective $4.4 billion in treasury funds.

Thrills and Glamor from Co-founder

Anyone who runs a DAO knows that they are much less efficient than traditional companies or other organizations. This trade-off in efficiency is worth it, however, for the increase in resiliency. 

Being a little above his happy feet, the Co-founder, Papper said that the team believes DAOs are one of the most powerful structures for coordination that he has seen. He added that their utilization in governing businesses and clubs will become more common over time.

New Climes of Golfing with LINKSDAO

The effulgence of the Metaverse into Blockchain Technology is quite astonishing knowing how it’s become a new game-changer within the space in quite a short time as it has onboarded giant tech merger companies worth billions of dollars, thereby creating a new narrative with their scope of operation/Modus operandi. The likes of Apple and Roblox can’t be excluded from this list. One of the most exciting utilities of blockchain technology and decentralized finance is brought along by LinksDAO. Without much emphasis, LinksDao has become the new game-changer within the Blockchain space.

Globally, the sports industry can’t successfully create indelible marks on the sand of time without placing Golf on its golden templates after football. Amongst its other invaluable impact, Golf as a unique sport goes the extra mile to define true sportsmanship and it’s on this premise that LinksDao holds its centers on the Blockchain technology space to become the new game-changer after Metaverse. LinksDAO is creating the modern golf and leisure club with a community of thousands of golf enthusiasts that come together to create one of the largest and greatest global golf clubs. Golf is a popular sport that originated in the early 1920s and has grown in popularity in the past few decades. 

Numbers are always interesting. 

During the last two years, the popularity of golf has increased tremendously and over 24.8 million people played golf in the US alone in 2020. Moreover, it has a significant economic impact as well with the total economic output of the golf industry in California passing the $15 billion mark. It is also projected that the revenue of golf courses will amount to approximately 24,7 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024.

In December 2020, the number of golf course users in Japan touched approximately 700 thousand people. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, the number of golf course users in the last three months of 2020 experienced an increase.

In a bid to hold its center together, LinksDAO has smartly banked on its growing popularity by merging NFTs with the popular leisure sport. The project aims to establish a new era in golf by leveraging blockchain technology and establishing the presence of the sport in the crypto-verse. 


LinksDAO is a membership-based platform that, on New Year’s Eve 2021, dropped LinksDAO Membership NFTs. These NFTs gave the holder access to community access, governance, several perks and games in the future. These NFTs act as the key to unlocking membership at LinksDAO’s first golf and leisure club. 

Moreover, as Links is a DAO platform, it is governed by the community, and every NFT holder will have the following governance rights. 

  • Approval of LinksDAO functional operating committees
  • Physical club selection process and approval, as proposed by the relevant operating committee
  • Club rules, including culture, activities, design, and overall vision
  • Club membership rules and admissions policies
  • Marketing, partnerships, and sales

Moreover, apart from creating a global membership club for all golf enthusiasts, LinkDAO is also transparent about the usage of processes from the NFT sales. All the proceeds and net of taxes will be used by LinksDAO to, 

  • Chief DAO Officer and operational leadership, including course scouting, financial and acquisition planning
  • Product & engineering
  • DAO infrastructure setup and fees
  • Legal, compliance, and accounting
  • Marketing, partnerships, and sales
  • Community development
  • Further initiatives as approved by the DAO

LinksDAO is a membership-only club and is active on the Discord channel, where a global community of golfers and leisure enthusiasts of different skill levels connect and share their love for the sport. To learn more about LinksDAO, visit

The 2Local loyalty program

2Local has been presented as a loyalty program that is powered by a rapid blockchain technology that supports local-2-local with sustainability. It is ERC-21 compatible and deals with Local L2L tokens which are designed in a manner that it rises in value because of its cashback system. 

2Local is a venture that aims to achieve equal prosperity and a sustainable world.  This platform also has a separate payment app that is operable on a decentralized multi-currency wallet. It also serves as a marketplace app that will connect consumers to connected sustainable companies. With the help of the coins, the user will use while making purchases, they can expect a cashback once every month along with the increase in the value of the L2L coins. The transfer costs also are affordable which literally makes this a free loyalty program.

With the help of L2L coins for payments to create liquidity, a new user will imply an increased demand in the L2L coins. 2Local would purchase the L2L coin from the exchange with the help of a smart algorithm. The rate for all its stakeholders is fixed at 1% much below the exchange rate. The coins are then kept in buffer storage so that interest can be gathered which will then be added in the cashback system. The connected companies have a bright chance of concerting their cash back into fiat money from this initiative. 

The CEO of Antony Chang explains, “Stable coins are bound to the monetary system, what we need is a stable rising cryptocurrency.”

How the process works

The company would buy L2L coins from the exchange a month before it is available on the mobile application providing the necessary fodder for operations and to fund the cashback system. In order to keep the price of L2L steady, the company keeps a reserve of L2L coins. When the price rises it will see the coins and pretty much obvious that it will buy when the price falls to take advantage of both the situations. The price monitoring happens with the help of a smart algorithm

The company’s aim is to provide a network of cooperation between sustainable producers and consumers. Its initiative is committed to the forces of equitable and sustainable growth objectives of the UN. 

Just like L2L bringing loyalty to the next level, Murtha Burke the marketing partners of have ensured loyalty in a great distribution to bring on board customers who are interested in the Loyalty crypto called L2L.

Blockchain, Dapp, Future of Work, Society 3.0 and More – India Dapp Fest 2019

The upcoming Dapp Fest is one of its kind not only in India but in Asia as well. Commencing on June 11, 2019, the event will run for 5 days at the Ashok Lalit Hotel in Bengaluru which will witness top pioneers from the blockchain world share their ideas and network with young learners.

The event is themed around ‘Conscious Decentralization’ which gives an essence of the future where work will no longer be centralized and in fact, collaborative and interactive amongst its many aspects. Expect a lot of innovation and first – time projections at this event, which also calls to change the way we work in the future.

More than 100 investors from around the country are expected to attend the event, it is a salivating opportunity for startup founders or aspirants to understand the business picture of blockchain further. Also, a list of over 40 guest speakers promises to touch on almost all aspects of blockchain and enlighten the young audience with information that is so vital and misunderstood today.

The event addresses various topics, the details of which can be found on the official website. Broadly, they are divided into business and technology.

Regarding the entry, the event issues three tickets, also known as contracts. The cheapest one which has limited access is the ‘Proof of Hack’ contract, the mid-priced contract being named, ‘Permissioned Contract’ followed by the most expensive on offer named, ‘On Chain Contract’ The specific accessibility and details can be found on the official website:

If you are looking to enrich yourself with everything about blockchain or are looking to create something related to it, this event is a must–attend.

The five days event features an excellent blockchain hackathon for the initial three days.

Get your tickets today at –

Taiwanese Hospital Launches Blockchain-based Healthcare Portal

The Taipei Medical University Hospital has launched a healthcare platform aimed at improving patient referral services with the help of blockchain technology. The system will also help in integrating healthcare networks which will allow easily accessible medical records for patients.

Access to Medical Data

The development of the Healthcare Blockchain Platform is considered a great improvement in the public health care system of Taiwan as it provides referral services to people, along with several other long-term healthcare services.

The collaboration of over 100 community-based clinics has been made possible as a means of addressing common issues in healthcare using blockchain technology. According to the hospital the main issues addressed include the physician referral process, data transfers between medical institutions and individual patient portals.

The platform offers complete medical records along with laboratory results, medical images and other clinical information. Smart contracts are utilized by hospitals and healthcare clinics for requesting and authorization of patient records, thus greatly improving the safety of data exchanges between different hospitals.

Blockchain Technology Minimizes Risk

Chang Shy-shin, the head of the Department of Preventative and Community Medicine, said the current system relies on nurses at referral counters to assisting patients seeking referrals. The new platform will enable people to log into their password-protected mobile app to request a referral with utmost ease.

According to Chen Ray-jade, the hospital superintendent, blockchain technology can help combine the medical records with health records from multiple sources. The technology will also help in securing the transfer of records by enabling the notification and consent feature.

Chen said that the use of blockchain technology will minimize security breaches due to its decentralized nature. Furthermore, people will not have to undergo the tiresome process of manual transfer of inter-hospital data.