Etherpoly.io is launching a new decentralized Ethereum game 

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Ethereum Smart Contracts have seen many uses in all kinds of world applications. With the maturity of the developers community, we are starting to see some really interesting projects arising.

Etherpoly.io might just be one of them. It is a new decentralized game in which users can interact by acquiring, improving and trading virtual cities.

What’s interesting is that Etherpoly.io has its own Cryptocurrency that it uses for its in-game economy.

This cryptocurrency, called OLY, follows the standard ERC20 specifications, and is required to interact with the game. It allows to improve and to buy new cities. Cities generate OLY revenues every hour for their owners, which can then be used to acquire new Cities, that can be traded for ETH.

A good point is that this cryptocurrency is non-mintable, which means that the owner of the game can’t generate it at will.

The Cities are tokens of standard ERC720 specifications, that are of limited supply, as the list of available countries is hard coded into the Smart contract.

The founders state that the game is entirely decentralized, and that the site and its API, albeit cached, don’t use any kind of database other than the blockchain. They intend to use the decentralized data to further build upon the game and improve the available features.

More information about Etherpoly is available on their website, via Twitter @etherpoly.

The game is set to launch on the 10th of July, on its official address www.Etherpoly.io.

There’s more information on the whitepaper, or the official Twitter @etherpoly (link to https://twitter.com/etherpoly).

You can read the whitepaper by clicking here (link to https://www.etherpoly.io/whitepaper-en.pdf)

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