Funarcade Just Extended Its Testnet: Here’s Why!

The community-focused casino platform has extended its testnet program till May 31st following the overwhelming response from the gaming community. 

To bridge the gap, the platform combines substantial gaming experience with knowledge of crypto/web3 to create a successful gaming environment in the community. Funarcade is dedicated to providing a pleasant and equitable gaming experience, and its wide choice of iGaming alternatives has piqued gamers’ interest. 

Funarcade introduced its testnet to fine-tune its games better and give a top-tier gaming experience for its players. Users can participate in the testnet by completing basic missions on Funarcade and submitting feedback in exchange for rewards.

Recently, with the overwhelming participation and interest of its gaming community, FUnarcade decided to extend the testnet program that started on May 8th till the 31st of May. While players could only access this testnet program through Funarcade’s desktop site, the platform recently took to Twitter to announce that its testnet program is now also available through mobile. 

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What’s More? Funarcade Gameplay and Rewards:

As an exciting approach to allow its early players to share their feedback, Funarcade allows gamers to be a part of seven distinct missions throughout this testnet. These missions include: 

  • Testing each game ten times (5 times in each currency)
  • Providing useful feedback

Players who will participate in each of the missions will be eligible for rewards. These rewards can be accessed once the players fill out the feedback form (accessible after completing the 6th mission) with their reviews on the first 5 missions. 

Players that complete all missions will then be able to proceed to access their testnet rewards, which will be funded from three different token distribution pools, including:

  • A 150,000 token pool out of which players that offer relevant feedback pool will be given 15% as a prize
  • A 400,000 token pool out of which players that offer good or detailed feedback will be given 40% as a prize
  • And a 450,000 token pool, out of which players that offer very useful feedback will be given 45% as a prize

Feedback from testers is incredibly important to the platform. As a result, the rewards program has been designed to elicit specific and accurate feedback from test users, emphasizing game mechanics, bugs, and user experience improvements.

Funarcade’s testnet approach seeks to provide participants with a complete testing program while rewarding them for their feedback.

Funarcade Tapping Into The Global Gambling Market:

The global online gambling market was valued at $63.53 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow significantly between 2023 and 2030. Funarcade is capitalizing on this opportunity by making gaming more accessible and engaging for users. Traditional casinos frequently struggle with security, transparency, and fairness concerns, which Funarcade addresses with blockchain technology and community-driven innovation.

As a result, Funarcade participation extends beyond simply playing games; players can support their community, earn incentives, and contribute to the platform’s success. As the casino industry shifts to online gambling, platforms like Funarcade are well-positioned to attract gamers looking for more inclusive, fair, and engaging gaming experiences.

If this excites you, don’t miss out on the opportunity of participating in this testnet program. 

Check out how you can participate in Funarcade’s testnet here.

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Blockchain + Social: INTOverse’s Strategic Layout, Seizing the Initiative!

In 2023, the term Web3 has become a hot topic. There are numerous reports about new Web3 technologies in the tech news, as well as news about renowned institutions like Sequoia Capital making strategic moves in the Web3 space. With a significant influx of money and capital into the Web3 industry, we have every reason to believe that Web3 has become a new capital market.

Web3, known as the next generation of the value internet, takes blockchain technology as its core. Social is an inseparable part of Web3 and their combination is giving birth to unprecedented opportunities. Through practice and innovation, INTOverse, a community management solution based on Web3 technology, has entered the public’s view, aiming to provide users with a more secure, transparent, and efficient social experience.

INTOverse’s social mining mechanism is straightforward. Users simply need to register an account and participate in social activities to earn tokens. INTOverse evaluates users’ contributions based on the quantity and quality of their social activities on the platform and allocates token rewards accordingly. Users can increase their social weight value by engaging in social activities such as inviting friends, publishing content, liking, commenting, and sharing, thereby earning more token rewards.

The strategic layout of INTOverse primarily combines blockchain technology with social media, seizing opportunities in Web3. Firstly, INTOverse achieves decentralized storage of users’ data through blockchain technology, ensuring the security and privacy of user data. Secondly, INTOverse ensures the transparency of user data by employing smart contract technology. Token rewards are automatically distributed to users’ wallets, allowing users to check their social mining earnings at any time, in this way to guarantee the authenticity and credibility of the data.

Social mining is one of INTOverse’s advantages. Compared to traditional cryptocurrency investment and mining, INTO’s social mining requires no technical expertise or high capital investment, making it virtually zero-cost to participate. Users just need to download the app, register an account, and start social mining. Its low threshold has attracted the attention of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, enabling more people to join the crypto world.

Simultaneously, social mining boosts the growth of users and enhances the community effect. INTOverse brings users together through social interaction and social mining, creating a vast and active community ecosystem. This community effect not only benefits the long-term development of the project but also provides users with a platform to share experiences and knowledge and discuss new technologies and industry trends. Its community ecosystem is continuously expanding, attracting more and more cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join and explore new opportunities.

Another significant issue is security, which has been widespread within the Web2 ecosystem. Even the well-known Facebook, has faced considerable privacy breaches. INTOverse has broken barriers of traditional Web2 platforms and ensures the security and privacy of user data by leveraging blockchain technology. User data is no longer stored in a centralized server but is distributed across the blockchain network, mitigating the risks of data breaches or hacking attacks. Users can finally achieve absolutely secure conversations. Seizing the opportunity of our time, INTOverse has made concrete efforts to drive innovation and development in Web3 community management.

Through the strategic layout of blockchain plus social, INTOverse creates a community that is full of vitality and opportunity for users. Since its launch on May 9th, within just two weeks, INTOverse has achieved over 10,000 daily active users and distributed over a billion messages in total. Its global horizon, diverse social interactions, low barrier to entry, and powerful community effect continue to attract the attention of Web3 users.

It is evident that under the trend of Web3, INTOverse keeps exploring new application scenarios and technological solutions. The decentralized social of Web3 will embrace new opportunities for development. INTOverse allows users to transact within a decentralized environment. Tens of thousands of users’  interactions and transactions, making the purpose of its social mining become clear. In summary, INTOverse is a highly promising Web3 project with an intriguing social mining mechanism that provides users with a pleasant social experience and rich token rewards. If you haven’t joined the INTOverse yet, it’s about time to register an account and participate in social mining!”





New Chapter for INTOverse’s Social Mining: Keep Innovating, leading the Trend!

Recently, INTOverse’s “social mining” and “earning tokens effortlessly” have been two of the most frequently mentioned keywords in the Web3 industry. INTOverse is a Web3 community management solution that integrates a Web3 encrypted wallet, digital identity, and AI assistance. The goal of INTO’s social mining is to revolutionize the traditional mining model by enabling users to enjoy social interactions while gaining physical rewards.

According to public data, since the start of its closed beta on May 9th, INTOverse has not only experienced rapid user growth but also witnessed highly active social interactions. As of May 21st, within just two weeks, its DAU has surpassed 10,083, with an increased number of 5,927 new users per day, and the total number of distributed messages has exceeded 100 million.

Social interaction is an essential activity in the internet world, so INTOverse innovatively created this social game, earning while chatting, where socializing equates to computational power. INTOverse consistently optimizes its mechanisms to maximize the efficiency of social mining and user earnings. The more interactions, the higher the user’s social weight and allocation of INTOverse tokens (TOX). Additionally, INTOverse prioritizes user experience and service, providing a one-stop mining service, where users can start mining with one click. In the meantime, INTOverse also has a professional customer support team to provide users with technical assistance and service around the clock.

In traditional social mining, users often need to manually transfer their digital assets to their wallets. However, with INTOverse, users can directly manage their digital assets. Which made it a more convenient and safe choice for users.

INTOverse has also designed a complete economic model set where users receive token rewards during social mining. These tokens can be used for platform staking, NFT minting, online marketing, and other functional services. This team is continuing to develop and expand numerous ecological scenarios, particularly in the economic model of platform staking. This will greatly consume the circulating supply of INTOverse tokens (TOX) and accelerate deflationary destruction, leading to a continuous increase in TOX value and making TOX legendary.

INTOverse aims to create a global, diverse, and common-shared social ecosystem. To achieve this goal, it provides users with many exciting features such as group chats, one-on-one chats, and Moments (similar to a social feed) and wholeheartedly supports community ecosystem development. INTOverse’s highly inclusive communities allow users to exchange ideas and share experiences freely. It not only stimulates user engagement but also enables users to gain more profits. Additionally, INTOverse will explore and introduce more blockchain application scenarios, providing more people with a channel to experience the charm of blockchain technology.

INTOverse has not only brought a new social experience to the blockchain community but also pioneered a fresh approach to mining in the crypto world. Its significant DAU will attract numerous ecosystem developers to join INTOverse, leading to rapid growth both in the ecosystem and user base, creating a win-win result for all.

It is evident that INTOverse has continuously innovated itself and led the trend of social mining. Now, it has become a leading player in the field of social mining, which provided users with experiences and profits beyond their expectations. We believe that in the future, INTOverse will present us with a new Web3 world, where full of possibilities and opportunities.




INTOverse Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Surpasses 10,000 DAU in Just Two Weeks!

As per the latest news, INTOverse, a popular Web3 community management solution, has garnered significant attention in the cryptocurrency community. Within a mere two weeks of its launch, it has acquired over 10,000 daily active users and facilitated the exchange of nearly 100 million messages. Key statistics reveal that as of May 21st, INTOverse’s daily active users have surpassed 10,000, with a daily growth rate of 5,927. The cumulative number of messages in group chats has reached 75,418,929, while individual chat messages amount to 11,593,433, resulting in a combined total of nearly 100 million messages. Furthermore, all these figures continue to grow rapidly.

Earlier reports indicate that on May 9th, INTOverse initiated its closed beta testing phase and introduced the concept of social mining, enabling users to effortlessly earn tokens while engaging in conversations. Since its launch, the platform has experienced rapid user growth and witnessed highly active social interactions within the community. These developments have fostered a flourishing and dynamic ecosystem for INTOverse.

About INTOverse:

INTOverse is an innovative Web3 community solution that integrates cutting-edge features like Web3 encrypted wallets, social mining, digital identity, and AI assistance. With its advanced capabilities in community management, INTOverse is paving the way for a fairer, more open, and autonomous digital society. It leads the transformation in Web3 community governance, aiming to create a brighter future for the online world.

Experience the power of INTOverse by visiting their website at 

Stay updated with the latest news and developments by Twitter at 

Join the vibrant community and engage in discussions on their Telegram channel at

Explore insightful articles and thought leadership on their Medium blog at

Embrace the future of Web3 community management with INTOverse, where cutting-edge technology and community empowerment converge. 

Join the movement and be part of shaping a better digital landscape for everyone.

Captain Haiti Foundation Raises $5M in Funds From a Private Equity Firm

The Captain Haiti Foundation, a 4947(a)(1) charity trust, announced a $5 million fundraising effort on May 17th, sponsored by private equity firm Dargent Group. 

According to the Captain Haiti Foundation, the collaboration will use blockchain technology to “combat Miami’s housing crisis and the ongoing gentrification of the Haitian community [in Miami].” 

Nandy Martin, better known as Captain Haiti and the foundation’s chairman, indicated that the money would be dedicated to assisting inhabitants of Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood in acquiring land, family homes, and commercial real estate.

The foundation further said that: 

“By achieving just 5% of Wynwood’s Wall success, our Little Haiti Walls initiative could attract 150,000 tourists annually, stimulating local businesses and amplifying cultural exchange.”

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Captain Haiti Foundation’s Action Plan To Leverage Blockchain Technologies: 

Martin will first collaborate with Web3 music infrastructure supplier Nusic to create a limited edition geo-located music nonfungible token collection that will provide collectors first-option real estate buying rights. 

Furthermore, the Captain Haiti Foundation hopes to raise $300,000 to beautify Little Haiti, with 30% of the donations going toward community cleanups, public art, and planting greens known as the “Little Haiti Walls.”

Martin received the backing of Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Miami District Commissioner Jeffrey Watson two years ago to use blockchain to help restore the Little Haiti community. Then, Watson gave $200,000 to 40 local firms for importing Haitian products, while Martin built the Little Haiti Coin on the Cardano blockchain to provide discounts for Haitian imports.

Furthermore, Martin, known for his unusual shield and cape suit inspired by Captain America, advocates against what he says is creeping gentrification in his neighborhood, resulting in costly housing and emigration.

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