the 0x Ecosystem Visualized

The 0x protocol is a favorite DApp for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Decentralized exchanges have the potential to fundamentally change how people interact with market places and drastically minimize counter-party risk. Trusting 3rd parties with your cryptos is a risk that most traders would love to avoid and 0x might just make that a thing of the past. That being said, the 0x protocol is being used for much more than decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and has the potential to impact a wide variety of industries.

To help understand the scope of 0x, Brent Oshiro created an infographic showcasing all of the use cases for the protocol, visualizing the entire 0x ecosystem.

The graphic places projects using the 0x protocol into the following categories and subcategories:

1. Financial Services

  • Lending and Crowdfunding (Bloqboard, Dharma, Lendroid, Ethfinex)
  • Digital Assets Management (Melonport, Auctus)
  • Payments (Request Network)

2. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

  • Management and Governance (Aragon)
  • Communities and Marketplaces (District 0x)
  • IoT/AI (Hut 34)
  • Cross-chain interoperability (Blocknet)
  • Prediction Markets (Augur)
  • Labor Markets (

3. Decentralized Exchanges

  • Margin Trading and Derivatives (Ethfinex, B0x, Lendroid)
  • DEXs (dexdex, ethfinex, paradex, token jar, Block DX, Radar Delay, ERC dEX, ExTroid, Instex, The Ocean, Oasis Direct, Aamadeus, Open Relay, Oax Open Anx, TokenLon, LedgreDex, DDex, Bamboo, Relay, IDT Exchange.

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