The Demographics and Interests of The Bitcoin Community (Visuals)

Lets take a look at the demographics and interests of the Bitcoin community using data from google analytics, via

In terms of age demographics we can see that almost half (48.4%)  of Bitcoin community engagement is coming from 25-34 year olds. This is incredibly important for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general as it tells us that millennials  are leading the way for cryptocurrency adoption. This generation is about to enter the beginning of the first investment phase  of their lives and could bring about the next phase of  this Cryptocurrency boom. Millennials grew up in the digital age and digital assets are the logical and natural next step. The 2nd largest age range is 35-44 year olds at 25%, followed by 18-24 year olds at 13.84 and 45-54 year olds at 8.9%. The rest (55 years+) make up around 4%.

Gender Demographics are about what you’d expect if you follow the industry on social media. Males make up about 91.22% while Females only 8.78% of the Bitcoin coumminity. I’ve noticed more women in the industry recently, especially on twitter and at conferences so hopefully this trend continues in the coming months.

We can take a look at interests of the community by analyzing search trends. As expected, we’re seeing people with deep interests in financial services, software design and banking be most active in the community. These people are “avid investors” with interest in technology, movies and television. Yeah, so nerds! (like us lol)

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