All major crypto hacks visualized (graphic)

Great graphic from showing all the major cryptocurrency hacks in one graph.

Security has long been a major concern with cryptocurrencies. Having total sovereignty over your finances comes with major benefits, but as uncle ben used to say “with great power, comes great responsibility”. There will always be black hat hackers looking for ways to exploit our carelessness and lack of security to steal our hard earned crypto…and to be fair, they’ve been successful. The Mt.Gox hack still leads the way with $450 million with Coincheck coming in a close second at $400 million. Below them we see BitGrail at $170 million, Bitfinex (they bounced back nicely didn’t they) at $77 million, and Parity at $160 million. These were the first but certainly not the last. Lets just hope crypto remains valuable enough to be a target for hacking in the first place over the next few years (kidding…Btc to $100k for sure right…).

Exchanges, get your shit together!

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