Visualizing the ICO explosion

The ICO market exploded in 2017. We saw Billions of dollars pour into crypto through this new crowdsourcing vehicle. For the first time ever retail investors had opportunity to invest in early stage startups, while hedge funds looked for ways to get in earlier and cheaper during private sales. Everyone was living their best life as the market went parabolic. 2018 hasn’t been so nice to trader, but the ICO market has continued to explode. Take a look at the infographics below from the crew at howmuch.net.

Above we can see ALL of the ICOs for 2018. Telegram leads the way with a fundraising round of $1.7B mostly to wealthy private investors and institutions. The graphic below shows the cumulative money invested into ICOs during the past five years. As you can see, we’re still going parabolic and showing no signs of slowing down…yet.

stay safe out there.

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