Spanish autonomous community of Aragon and Alastria sign agreement to use blockchain technology

The Spanish autonomous community of Aragon has signed a collaborative agreement with Alastria, the Spanish blockchain consortium, for the modernization of public administration and service-delivery using blockchain technology.

This agreement will greatly enhance public service-delivery in Aragon

Fernando Gimeno, the Minister of Public Administration and Finance of the Government of Aragon and Julio Faura, the President of Alastria, signed the agreement on Monday. There is a series of activities planned under this agreement which include work and training sessions to search for new deployment cases of this technology in the public administration sector.

There are 17 autonomous communities in Spain and Aragon is one of them. They were created with a vision of ensuring a certain amount of autonomy for different regions and nationalities in the country.

The Aragonese Minister said, “Blockchain technology is generally associated with cryptocurrencies. In reality, this technology goes way ahead of just cryptocurrencies. It has the potential to transform the future and help improve the process of public-private collaboration especially with regards to the public procurement programs. Blockchain will greatly contribute to improving the transparency and efficiency of public administration.” Julio Faura, the President of Alastria said, “Blockchain is like a single giant computer where different entities can connect and establish contacts with one another and share information in a transparent and tamper-proof manner.”

About Alastria

Alastria is an independent, semipublic and neutral consortium comprising of 274 entities which are dedicated to the latest research in the field of distributed ledger technologies/Blockchain. Several public bodies, universities and companies are among the list of such bodies which are striving to create new tools for a blockchain base that enables them to operate in accordance with the European and Spanish regulations. Earlier a dedicated space was created in the Barcelona’s Tech City with the efforts of Alastria.

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